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Membership account - Online account statement
Online account statement Similar to online banking for a current account, authors and music publishers can check their accounts once a month has ended, and print statements, analyses and the
ONLINE SERVICES HOW DO I SET UP MY ACCOUNT ON www.gema.de? Each member and each customer needs only user ID and password to access all of GEMA's online services. The account enables you to access to
GEMA KundenCenter 11506 Berlin Telephone +49 (0) 30 588 58 999 E-mail kontakt@gema.de Internet www.gema.de Your customer number COPYING OF MUSICAL WORKS BY DJS AND SIMILAR USERS FOR THE
Career - GEMA as your employer
GEMA as your employer The interests and requirements of creatives determine our daily business. Become a part of our community and support us to protect the creative performance of individuals and
Additional information - List of terms of protection (as at 14/01/2015)
List of terms of protection (as at 14/01/2015) GEMA can guarantee neither correctness nor completeness of the list of terms of protection. We expressly point out that information in this list is not
Registration - Technical registration procedures for works
Technical registration procedures for works We process work registrations via the CWR format (CWR = common works registration). CWR is a registration format for original and sub-publishers with
DISCOTHEQUE MONITORING AT GEMA Distribution categories DK and DK VR GEMA licenses mechanical music reproduction in halls with regular dancing according to the tariff M-CD II 2 as well as the
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