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Registration - Technical registration procedures for works
Technical registration procedures for works We process work registrations via the CWR format (CWR = common works registration). CWR is a registration format for original and sub-publishers with
Registration - Registration of works
Registration of works We are happy to support you when you register your works, sub-publishing agreements and audio-visual productions. Depending on the volume of the works registered, we provide
Registration - Register your works, sub-publishing agreements and audio-visual productions
Register your works, sub-publishing agreements and audio-visual productions No registration - no pay-out In order to register your repertoire, you must become a member of GEMA first. Find out here
GEMA Original works Notification for GEMA original works Print obligation relief declaration   Further forms and informations Permission to use a work Additional work information on
Repertoire - Repertoire
Repertoire What are the deadlines? Has my work already been registered? How do I register my work? What else do I need to know?
GEMA Membership & Partnership Administration PO Box 80 07 67 81607 München Germany / Deutschland Tel. +49 30-21245-600 Fax +49 89 48003-555 Email mitgliederpartner@gema.de Internet
GEMA Abteilung Produkte Postfach 30 12 40 10722 Berlin Germany GEMA-AV-Number NOTIFICATION OF AUDIO-VISUAL PRODUCTIONS (AV-PRODUCTIONS) Notification by GEMA-member Notification by
NOTIFICATION OF AUDIO-VISUAL PRODUCTIONS (AV-PRODUCTIONS) Next page for the registration of further work titles Original title of AV-production/episode Title of series Episode no. DETAILS OF
NOTIFICATION OF AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTIONS (AV PRODUCTIONS) NOTES FOR COMPLETING THE FORM The form “Notification of Audiovisual Productions (AV Productions)” must be used to notify all types of film and
GEMA Download - GEMA Download
GEMA Download Members can access details on their distributions i.e. download individual statements and usage lists. How do I set up my account FAQs Application for activation  (before
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