Legal background Copyright is valid until 70 years after the death of the creator. After the death of a GEMA member the Deed of Assignment, which serves to assign the exploitation rights of the
What types of membership categories are there? GEMA distinguishes between associate and full members*. Only full members are members in the sense of the German laws on associations. This distinction
GEMA Members & Partners PO Box 80 07 67 81607 Munich Germany/ Deutschland Phone +49 30 21245 600 E-mail mitgliederpartner@gema.de Internet www.gema.de NOTIFICATION OF A DEATH/A LEGAL
GEMA Members & Partners P.O. Box 80 07 67 81607 München Telephone +49 30 21245-600 E-Mail mitgliederpartner@gema.de Internet www.gema.de POWER OF ATTORNEY GRANTING OF A POWER OF ATTORNEY IN
22.07.2021Pay-outs/Distribution of domestic income
For claims regarding unpaid domestic performance and broadcasting royalties the below-mentioned standard forms should be used and sent to the e-mail address as-service@gema.de. Prior to
xxxxxxxxxx __________________________________ GEMA Membership No. xxxxxxxxxx __________________________________ IP Base No. 01.01.2021 __________________________________ Deed of Assignment 2021
08.07.2021Pay-outs/Distribution of domestic income - Information on the pay-outs in the live and public performance categories
Information on the pay-outs in the live and public performance categories 1 June 2021: Main distribution in the categories U, UD, M, E, ED, EM, BM, KI, DK and DK VR 1 July 2021: Supplementary
E-Mail mitgliederservice@gema.de Internet www.gema.de GEMA P.O. Box 30 12 40 10722 Berlin ACTIVATION OF ONLINE SERVICES FOR GEMA MEMBERS You need an account to use these Online Services. Please
GEMA PO Box 30 12 40 10722 Berlin E-mail mitgliederservice@gema.de Internet www.gema.de APPLICATION FOR SFTP/FTPS ACCESS TO COMMUNICATIONS MADE AVAILABLE VIA SFTP/FTPS SERVER The GEMA
GENERAL ASSEMBLY GEMA 10 JUNE 2021 REPORT OF THE CEO AND CHAIRMAN OF THE MANAGING COMMITTEE DR. HARALD HEKER Dear members, Our last General Assembly took place early October 2020. Back then, silence
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