30.11.2020Tarif VR-OD 13 - Music & Music Video (B2B)
Music & Music Video (B2B) GEMA Royalty Rates Schedule for the commercial use of works from GEMA´s repertoire within the scope of streaming offers subject to a fee (so-called “unlimited
08.03.2021Register commercials by using soundfiles
As soon as the use of your work in a commercial is known and you have the GEMA work number, the soundfiles for the musical works used in the commercials should be uploaded. Important registration
09.02.2021Synchronisation rights for UGC platforms - Synchronisation rights for UGC platforms
Synchronisation rights for UGC platforms In recent times, we have received an increasing number of queries regarding the impact of these amendments regarding the rights management and the
You wish to register your audiovisual production? Registration for audiovisual productions You wish to register your audiovisual commercials? Registration of audiovisual commercials Do you
23.07.2020Audiovisuals - Forms concerning audiovisuals
Forms concerning audiovisuals Online services (in general) Usage application: for authors and publishers Set up your account or log in via GEMA online portal Registration forms
08.03.2021Register commercials by using soundfiles
The new scheme only applies to commercials which are produced for exploitation in Germany. Commercials which are intended to be exclusively used abroad must still be registered separately. In
19.05.2021General Assembly - Virtual Annual General Meeting ("AGM")
Virtual Annual General Meeting ("AGM") The GEMA Members' Assembly 2021 will take place from 8 to 10 June. Since the corona pandemic continues to rule our lives in 2021, the Supervisory Board and
11.11.2019Information - Information
Information Provided that you have an authorisation or power of attorney to represent a GEMA member, the contact details for the member that authorised you are shown. Cost deductions The
27.01.2012GEMA at MIDEM 2012
Tomorrow is the opening of the 46th MIDEM in Cannes, the largest music trade fair in the world. This year's motto is "connected by music", and once again numerous German companies and organizations
E-Mail mitgliederservice@gema.de Internet www.gema.de GEMA P.O. Box 30 12 40 10722 Berlin ACTIVATION OF ONLINE SERVICES FOR GEMA MEMBERS You need an account to use these Online Services. Please
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