04.06.2021Music creators - Join a strong community of creators
Join a strong community of creators Are you a composer, lyricist or a music publisher? We ensure a fair pay for your works as soon as they are performed or played back in public or reproduced.
27.11.2020Subsidiary Companies - iSYS
iSYS Homepage iSYS
27.11.2020Subsidiary Companies - IT4IPM
IT4IPM In early July 2014, GEMA founded its IT division as a new company: IT4IPM. IT4IPM stands for “IT for Intellectual Property Management” and is intended to emphasise that IT solutions for
27.11.2020Subsidiary Companies - ZPÜ
ZPÜ The ZPÜ (founded in 1963) is the oldest, and economically most important collaboration body of the German collecting societies. Its purpose is to claim licence fees from hardware manufacturers
27.11.2020Subsidiary Companies - Subsidiary Companies
Subsidiary Companies
CORONAVIRUS: INFORMATION FOR MUSIC USERS Update on automatic debits (27/03/2020) Dealing with licensing agreements Cancellation of events General information for customers Live stream of
08.07.2021Payments as of 01 July 2021
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cinemas had to remain closed for a large part of 2020. As a consequence, the revenues in this sector declined by about 53% compared to the previous year.
30.11.2020How GEMA distributes your money
Because we love music, we at GEMA also have our social responsibility close to our heart. This means that we make 10 percent of the distributable amount in the performing and broadcasting rights
02.09.2019GEMA Social Funds
Pursuant to Distribution plan A Art. 1 item 4, 10% of the distributable amount for performing and broadcasting rights are allocated to social and cultural purposes. The GEMA social fund has been
Musiknutzungen in Arzt- und Therapiepraxen Ihre Kundennummer Notification GEMA P.O. Box 30 12 40 10722 Berlin Fax +49 30 21245-950 Internet www.gema.de Additional work information on the
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