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You make the music – and lexoffice covers your accounting

Using the online software lexoffice is as if your accounting tasks take care of themselves in future. Invoices can be generated in seconds and receipts can be photographed instead of collected in cumbersome stacks. lexoffice mails out recurring invoices automatically and checks how the payments hit your bank account, in time with the right rhythm.

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GEMA offers added value from the very first day: Use lexoffice for free for 6 months (cash value: EUR 120!) and see how your accounting tasks take literally care of themselves.

Accounting done. Finances at a glance.

lexoffice, the online software, automatically takes care of your accounting tasks for you. At the same time, you keep the overview of your finances. All income and expenditure is captured, allocated to the respective receipts and automatically appear in the accounting system. When it comes to receipts, you simply need to take a picture of them with your smartphone and upload them to lexoffice.  Open items are highlighted and you can convert them into an invoice reminder with one click. Apart from that, lexoffice always shows you your current tax duties at a glance. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

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About lexoffice

For the lexoffice team, a software must be mobile, fast and flexible. Digitisation provides them with the means to do this and the team knows how to use it.

lexoffice is part of Lexware which has been on the market offering commercial software since 1989. With nearly 200 lexoffice staff, they are the drivers and shapers of a new automation generation. As part of the Haufe Group with more than 2,000 employees across all companies, its customers benefit from the combined experience of over 85 years since the company was founded in 1934.

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