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GEMA General Assembly

Member proposals

According to the GEMA Statutes, members were able to submit items for the agenda to GEMA until 24:00 on 19 March 2024.

Agenda items from members should be submitted by post to GEMA, Rechtsabteilung, Rosenheimer Strasse 11, D-81667 Munich, or emailed as a PDF copy to

Submit proposal

Members may submit proposals to the General Assembly. The following rules must be observed when doing this: 


  • at least ten signatures from full members and/or delegates of the associate members who support the proposal
  • specify names, membership numbers and company numbers
  • submit originals of all documents
Please combine proposals of identical content into one! Naming a contact for questions is also helpful.

Until when?

24:00 on Tuesday, 19 March 2024
Attention! Please note that late proposals cannot be accepted.

Where to send proposals?

Please email as a PDF copy to or send by post to GEMA, Rechtsabteilung, Rosenheimer Strasse 11, D-81667 Munich.

Election of the Election Committee  

The members of the Election Committee will be newly elected at the General Assembly 2023. Below you will find short portraits of the candidates.