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02.06.2021Music users
Do you use music in public, on the internet or by means of sound recordings? Then we are the right contact for you. If you have already registered your music with us and paid for it, you have the
Information über fehlende Abrechnung von Musiknutzungen im Ausland – Tonträger / International Royalty Claim – Soundcarrier GEMA-Mitgliedsnummer* GEMA membership number* Reklamation GEMA Direktion
10.10.2017Audioträger, Audiodatenträger
Use the advantages of our services to register and search sound recordings and comfortably register audio carriers, music videos and audio books online. The productions you registered online will be
14.12.2020Distribution dates - Abbreviation List
Abbreviation List ABBREVIATION;LONG FORM;EXPLANATION/EXAMPLE A AR;Performing, performance, broadcasting and communication to the public rights;International music use A VR;International
25.11.2020Pay-outs/Distribution of domestic income
Applications for hardship rules for mechanical playbacks should be directed to the responsible department Distribution Perfoming Rights (vta@gema.de). Please take into account the regulations
22.01.2021Work categorisation - Work categorisation
Work categorisation For distribution in categories E, U (collection segments pursuant to Article 84 paragraphs 1-8), R and FS, the distribution keys I to IV (Articles 63 to 66) of GEMA’s
10.09.2018Las Vegas Glamour and “neue deutsche Wucht” [new German sensation]
In the course of GEMA's membership programme, three bands, namely Hope, Blond, Poem for Jamiro, and solo  artist Laura Carbone managed to secure a performance during the GEMA Showcase at the
CORONAVIRUS: INFORMATION FOR MUSIC USERS Update on automatic debits (27/03/2020) Dealing with licensing agreements Cancellation of events General information for customers Live stream of
You are already a GEMA member and wish to register you register your works, Repertoire registration ... upload your sound files next Soundfile-Upload ... or,  if you are a publisher,
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