11.06.2021Resolutions by the General Assembly - Resolutions by the General Assembly
Resolutions by the General Assembly About 700 composers, lyricists and publishers took part in the GEMA virtual General Assembly from June 8-10. They discussed the future design of their association
31.10.2016GEMA signs agreement with YouTube: Milestone for a fair remuneration of music authors in the digital age achieved
On 01 November 2016, GEMA and the online platform YouTube signed a licensing agreement which also covers the contractual gap since 2009. 70,000 music authors and publishers represented by GEMA are
08.07.2021Payments as of 01 July 2021 - Supplementary pay-out as of 1 July in the M category – special regulations because of COVID-19
Supplementary pay-out as of 1 July in the M category – special regulations because of COVID-19 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous live events had to be cancelled in 2020, with immediate effects
08.07.2021Payments as of 01 July 2021 - GEMA Schutzschirm (protective shield) 2021
GEMA Schutzschirm (protective shield) 2021 The pandemic is affecting many of our members very hard. Many of them already witnessed their pay-outs as of 1 June 2021 suffering a major drop compared to
28.03.2012Higher Regional Court of Hamburg decides in favor of GEMA
In its decision on March 14, 2012, the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg confirmed the seminal decision of the District Court of Hamburg from June 12, 2009 in favor of GEMA. According to the ruling,
22.04.2012Decision by the Regional Court of Hamburg: YouTube is responsible for contents posted online by its users
The Regional Court of Hamburg announced today its decision in the case GEMA vs. YouTube. In the opinion of the court, YouTube is legally responsible for the contents of videos its users publish. This
11.06.2021Delegates - Delegates
Delegates Delegates represent about 80,000 associate GEMA members in the annual General Assembly. They stand up for the interests of members, are their mouthpiece vis-à-vis the Supervisory Board and
05.07.2018Copyright: EU-Parliament sees need for more discussion
In today’s vote on copyright a small majority of European parliamentarians has chosen not yet to start negotiations with the Council and the Commission. The recommendations of the Committee on Legal
01.07.2015Hamburg Higher Regional Court confirms: YouTube is liable for copyright infringements
This week, on July 1, 2015, Hamburg Higher Regional Court today ruled that YouTube is liable as an ‘interferer’ (Störer) for content made available on its platform by third parties. The fundamental
10.01.2013YouTube negotiations: GEMA files applications with the Arbitration Board
GEMA and YouTube have broken off negotiations for the time being. GEMA has initiated proceedings at the Arbitration Board of the German Patent and Trademark Office. As a neutral body, the Board will
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