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GEMA publishes new music-on-demand rates
GEMA publishes a new rate for the compensation for music use by streaming services, which are free for the end user. This rate is designed especially for providers of music-on-demand platforms
Agreement between BITKOM and GEMA on online music
- In the future, 90-second audio samples will be possible in download shops - Licensing of streaming products make new services possible - BITKOM will continue negotiations in other areas
Blocked Videos of Foreign Artists on YouTube
YouTube Germany is confusing foreign artists more and more. Foreign artists see a misleading notice instead of their videos. There is the suggestion that GEMA is responsible for the video being
Much Ado
During the past few days, the subject of GEMA vs. YouTube has been brought to the attention of the general public once again. Apparently, pressure is supposed to build up before GEMA's annual
Omnifone signs Germany’s first global subscription licensing with GEMA
Press Announcement of Omnifone MIDEM, Cannes – 23rd January 2011 – Omnifone, the leading independent provider of cloud based unlimited music services globally, today announces a landmark deal with
GEMA and Allied Partners Take YouTube to Court
Together with seven other music author societies, GEMA is making a claim against YouTube in the principal proceedings. GEMA had requested the Regional Court of Hamburg to issue an injunction against
Bis 14. September EN
Bis 14. September EN Wenn Sie noch keinen Zugang zu GEMA-Download haben, stellen Sie bitte bis zum 14.09.2018 einen Antrag zur Nutzung der Online Services für Mitglieder, um pünktlich auf Ihre
1. - 31. October 2018: Provision of detailed schedules 1, 4 and 5
1. - 31. October 2018: Provision of detailed schedules 1, 4 and 5 The detailed schedules are available via GEMA-Download pursuant to Art. 58 items 1, 4, 5 of the distribution plan (previously
Registration Confirmation Received – What You Need To Do Next?
Registration Confirmation Received – What You Need To Do Next? Please check that the details you provided are correct. Please also check whether other publishers have been incorrectly listed as
Publisher Attributes
Publisher Attributes The publisher attribute is relevant for the question whether pay-outs to publishers since the payments between 01 July 2012 and 23 December 2016 will be reversed. The General
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