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Distribution dates

In order to guarantee a continuous cashflow, GEMA pays out its collections at regular distribution dates throughout the whole year. The dates depend on the category.

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What does the posted account statement contain? Do you wish to change your bank or address details? What are the advantages of online statements? Answers and interesting facts on your membership account with GEMA.

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Online account statement

Similar to online banking for a current account, authors and music publishers can check their accounts once a month has ended, and print statements, analyses and the so-called status report.

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  • Download entries from 01/01/2006 onwards
  • Print off account statements from 01/04/2001 onwards
  • Change your address and bank details
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Powers of attorney & legal succession

Powers of attorney

If you wish to authorise another (natural or legal) person to represent you vis-a-vis GEMA, the simplest way to do so is by using the so-called GEMA power of attorney. 

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Legal succession

Due to the 70-year protection term it is important that GEMA clarifies who is the legal successor to the respective copyrights after the death of an author. 

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GEMA Social Fund

A part of GEMA revenue is reserved for social and cultural purposes. The GEMA social fund has been created to help fulfil the social purpose.


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