How can I apply?

The Advisory Board decides on the allocation of foundation funds twice a year (usually June). Applications can be submitted informally. They must include the following information:

  • Exact and informative project description
  • Event dates
  • Names of the involved authors
  • Plus a comprehensible cost calculation (from which any other promoters can be deduced)

The application must be submitted on time (usually until end of June - also projects  for subsequent year) in order to be considered.

The notification of the resolution by the Advisory Board will be made in writing. There is no legal claim to benefit from the foundation funds.

Celler Schule

The Celler Schule is an institution founded in 1996 which supports young lyricists’ talent. It addresses young lyricists who wish to widen and deepen their knowledge. The GEMA foundation has been supporting this programme for many years and imparts the relevant GEMA basic knowledge by way of comprehensive presentations spanning several days.

Lyricists can qualify via a tender process for one of the approx. ten places of this master class where they can learn everything they need in order to professionally write German song lyrics: From the systematic development of an idea via working on their lyrics to the finishing touch, from preventing writers’ block to negotiation coaching.

Well-known lyricists will be in situ for the coaching session and to exchange ideas; they come to Springe as guest speakers, discussion and work partners each year:

Composers and producers Willy Klüter, Prof. Christian Bruhn and Rainer Bielfeldt, lyricist prominence such as Thomas Woitkewitsch, Frank Ramond, or Pe Werner, ‘Schlager’ stars Alex Parker and Andreas Zaron as well as successful previous participants such as Heike Fransecky are at the top of the guest list.  Sometimes, the collaboration extends beyond the time at the Celler Schule.

The Celler Schule now provides a network where lyricists of all genres support, advise, and visit each other, and exchange ideas among each other.

The Celler Schule takes place once or twice a year with 10 to 15 participants.


Homepage der Celler Schule