Music use notifications and licences

Every time you want to communicate music to the public, perform it or reproduce it, you notify us accordingly beforehand. We will then issue a licence to you so that you can use the music within the intended scope.

When you license your music, you make a valuable contribution to music creators getting their fair share for their artistic contributions.


Three different ways to use music

Select the section for which you want to license music. 

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Events ranging from A-Z, whether it’s your A-level proms, bowling, circus or Zumba classes: All infos on one page!

Various sectors such as catering, fitness, restaurant trade but also theatres, churches, cultural institutions and carnival - we have compiled all the details on one page for you. And we are adding new pages on a continued basis. You can find out how to notify the music you are using, what tariffs are applicable and other items you need to consider.
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Wichtige Corona-Infos für Musiknutzer

Die Corona-Pandemie verlangt uns allen viel ab. Deshalb haben wir die wichtigsten Informationen für Sie als Musiknutzer gebündelt, z. B. zu Verträgen und Streamingkonzerten oder zum Neustart Kultur. Außerdem erfahren Sie, wie wir Musiknutzer während der behördlich angeordneten Schließungen unterstützten und welche aktuellen Regelungen gelten.

Who created the work? Who wrote the music, the lyrics or published it?

If you want to find out who the composer, lyricist or publisher or a musical work is, our Repertoire search will help you find them. This online service enables you to identify works. Once you have found the details, you can contact the participating publisher provided they are a GEMA member.

Don’t forget: The displayed data only show an excerpt of our database and therefore do not provide any information regarding the protection of the displayed work or the status of the participating rightsholders. GEMA does not provide any guaranteed for the correctness of the data provided and accepts no liability for damage incurred by the user either directly or indirectly resulting from the information obtained by using the online service.

Why do I have to pay for music?

Those who earn their living composing music, writing lyrics or publishing music want to get a fair payment for their work. Just like everyone else. That is what copyright is for. It protects music creators with a statutory right to fair pay, or equitable remuneration, when their works are used in public.

By the way: Copyright is applicable in any case - and thus independently of GEMA as an organisation. Your advantage: Instead of contacting and paying each creator individually, you just get in touch with us, and thus get access to the world's musical repertoire. After all, we do not just represent the rights of more than 85,000 GEMA members but also more than two million rightsholders abroad.

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This is what happens with my money

The money that we receive from you will be paid out to our members but also the creators from abroad whose works are used all over Germany. The following applies: The more often a musical work is performed, broadcast or reproduced, the more royalties the creators involved receive.

Payment to music creators in Germany

The majority of our pay-outs is sent to our members: music creators and music publishers in Germany.

Payment to music creators abroad

We also pay out collected income to creators abroad because we have entered into representation agreements with collective management organisations abroad.

Pay-outs to social purposes

We make 10 percent of the distributable amount in the performing and broadcasting rights sector available for social and cultural purposes. To this end, we have created the GEMA Social Fund: A social compensation fund which pays out benefits in old age, in cases of illness, accidents and need.

GEMA tariffs - an overview

Do you use music in public, on the internet or by means of sound recordings? Then we are the right contact for you. If you have already registered your music with us and paid for it, you have the right to use this music based on the GEMA licence. The type of use then determines the tariff that applies to you.

Frequently asked questions

Further help topics for music users

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