Subsidiary Companies

ARESA GmbH (Anglo-American Rights European Service Agency)

ARESA is a 100% GEMA subsidiary, which has been responsible for central licensing of mechanical rights for Anglo-American repertoire of BMG Rights Management for online and mobile sectors in the European Economic Area and additionally specified countries since 01/07/2012. ARESA GmbH was founded as a result of the online recommendation of the European Commission dated 18 October 2005.The catalogues represented by the ARESA GmbH, among others Chrysalis, Bug, BMG, Cherry Lane, Famous, Virgin, Stage Three and Evergreen comprise several hundreds of thousands of works,  such as works for artists like Adele, Aerosmith, The Black Eyed Peas, Black Sabbath, Blondie, Bruno Mars, David Bowie, Duffy, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Kings of Leon, Nirvana, OMD, One Direction, The Rolling Stones, Ryan Adams, Take That, Tears for Fears, ZZ Top and others.

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In early July 2014, GEMA founded its IT division as a new company: IT4IPM. IT4IPM stands for “IT for Intellectual Property Management” and is intended to emphasise that IT solutions for collective management organisations and directly connected sectors such as publishers are among its offerings.  In addition to GEMA, it also serves international clients. IT4IPM is a GmbH with two offices, one in Munich, and one in Berlin, and its headquarters are in Munich. Andreas Stibi is its Managing Director; GEMA is a Board member of the GmbH.

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SOLAR Music Rights Management Ltd is administrating the combined Anglo-American catalogues of Sony/ATV and EMI Music Publishing for online and mobile licensing across the EU and other regions.

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The ZPÜ (founded in 1963) is the oldest, and economically most important collaboration body of the German collecting societies. Its purpose is to claim licence fees from hardware manufacturers and importers and blank media manufacturers and importers, and to distribute the relevant licence income to its associate partners.

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