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Why a membership with us is well worth it

Join a strong community of creatives

Everyone, whether music creator or music publisher has the right to fair payment as soon as their works have been publicly performed, played back or reproduced. To check where, when and how often this happens, takes up a lot of your valuable time.  That’s why we look after your matters as a reliable partner and trustee. Become a member, too, so that we can stand up for your rights.



You can become a GEMA member:

  • Composers
  • Lyricists of lyrics set to music
  • Music publishers
  • Legal successors of the mentioned groups

When is a membership with us worth it?

A GEMA membership only makes sense for you if your works have been performed in public to a certain extent.  If, for example, they have been broadcast on TV or on the radio or are available via streaming services or in retail. In that case, you will recoup your annual membership fee quickly. Example: For songwriters, membership can already make sense from 100 sold albums onwards.


Your advantages as a GEMA member:

Global royalty payments

We are very well connected internationally and collect your royalties for you all over the world.

Insurance and workshops

We offer insurances and workshops tailored for you as a member.

Promotion of the music sector

The GEMA foundation also grants music awards, promotes projects for young talents and supports music authors and publishers in need.

Your voice is shaping GEMA

As a member, you have the opportunity to actively help shape GEMA.


Become a member now

Keeping your royalties in view. At any time.

With our variety of online tools, you always keep track of things. One of them is the My Royalties tool for authors. With it, you can comfortably keep an overview of your income and see where they come from (live, radio, TV/film, digital or abroad). You can also find out which income was generated by your top ten most successful works.

GEMA membership: Costs and types

Membership fee and admission fee
If you are an author, you pay a one-off admission fee of €107.10 (including VAT, net €90.00). Your annual membership fee amounts to €50 per year.
If you are a music publisher, your admission fee is a one-off payment of €208.80 (including VAT, net €180.00), plus the annual membership fee of net €100.

Newcomers are dear to us!
We waive the admission fee of €90 to all authors who were born in 1991 or later and submit a membership application by 31/12/2021. The annual membership fee is reduced in the first three years from €50 to €30.