My financial details

We hold a so-called membership account for each member. This is where we aggregate all credits and debits.
You typically receive credits for the use of works, debits for charges such as the membership fee, for example.
Your account statement shows a summary of all your accounting transactions, sorted by categories.

Just like in online banking for current accounts, music creators and publishers who get an activation for the GEMA Online Services can access their account movements of a full month online. Account statements, analyses and so-called status reports can be filtered, downloaded as an Excel file and printed out. This is easy and can be done anytime.

You can read about all the relevant important information in our Tutorial.


Access your account statement


My financial details - an overview:

  1. Transactions                                               credits, invoices, payments, settlements/offsettings
  2. Account statements                                  filter, export, download and print options
  3. Status report                                              your royalties, sorted by categories per year
  4. Advance payments                                    documentation and current overview
  5. Assignments and distraints                     documentation and current overview

Usage application (Please complete if your access for this online service has not yet been activated yet).
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The account statement

The following is usually included in the account statement:

  1. Attachment “Credits”
  2. Attachment “Debit”

The entries listed in the attachments are accumulated on the account statement. It is important to show the booking entries this way so that GEMA can provide a consistent proof of credits and debits. 

Most important information on the account statements
Account statement abbreviation list


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Our bank details:

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Commerzbank before Dresdner Bank
IBAN: DE42 7008 0000 0381 3095 00