My details

Personal details change constantly and it should therefore be quick and easy to retrieve and update them.   

In the Online Service My details, we provide a summary overview of all personal details of our members and their authorising parties.

You can check and change them there at any time to ensure they are always up to date.

In order to facilitate navigating the service, you can also switch between your contract account and other contract accounts for which you have an authorisation with a simple mouse click.

You can read about all the relevant important information in our Tutorial.


Access your account statement


My details - an overview:

  1. My user details                                access data to your online account
  2. My membership details                name, IP base no., professional category,
    (for creators)                                     membership status 
  3. My publisher details/                    publisher name, professional category,
    My editions                                       membership status    
    (for publishers)         
  4. My pseudonyms                              all valid pseudonyms
  5. My contact details                          mobile / house phone number and e-mail address
  6. My addresses                                    main address and, where applicable, tax residence,
                                                                   if different
  7. My tax details                                   tax status, tax number, additional tax details
  8. My bank details                               all your stored bank details
  9. Authorisations/powers                  list of designated authorised representatives of the
    of attorney                                         rights you have assigned

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Your details

Do you wish to change your bank details, your tax details or your address?
We have collated the relevant forms and contact info for you here:

Bank details  - SEPA only (EU/EWR)

Bank details - non-SEPA (USA & outside EU/EWR)
Tax or VAT ID number
Address (notification and change)


Just contact our hotline:

+49 (0) 30 21245 600

Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm
Friday from 9 am to 4 pm


Our bank details:

Deutsche Bank AG München                                                          
Swift/BIC: DEUTDEMM                                                                     
IBAN: DE84 7007 0010 0240 1800 00            


Commerzbank before Dresdner Bank
IBAN: DE42 7008 0000 0381 3095 00