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Present your songs to top labels today - Use LabelRadar

LabelRadar is an award-winning platform which makes submitting your demos easy - created by artists for artists. The platform ensures that your demos reach some of the largest and most popular labels. Submitting your demo on LabelRadar means you will know when it has been heard and if the label was interested or not. You can also participate in career-accelerating Opportunities at no cost. They include remix and producer competitions as well as synch briefings and more.

Redeem your discount now

As a GEMA member, you can benefit from exclusive discounts on the PRO subscription:

  • 50% discount on the first month of a monthly PRO subscription or

  • 40% discount on the annual PRO subscription

Free use or PRO subscription

By registering with LabelRadar, you can give your career a push. The advantages of being a PRO member include:

  • Jumping the queue when submitting your demo with a label (that way, you get quicker answers)

  • Seeing which labels have added you to their watchlist

  • Seeing who has viewed your profile

  • Updating your track file if you export a new version (without having to re-submit it)

  • More extensive profile customization (to help you catch a label's eye)

  • Making more submissions each month

  • And more, with new perks being added over time too.

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About LabelRadar

LabelRadar is a platform that streamlines the demo submission process across the music industry, helping artists get heard and signed, while also connecting them with exclusive, career-accelerating opportunities from some of the biggest entities around. Music coming through the platform has seen plenty of success, racking up millions of plays, being placed in commercials and video games, and played out to hundreds of millions of people at Esports events.

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