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Give your music the final cut – with Masterchannel

With Masterchannel, every title sounds professional – whether in the car, on headphones or in clubs. Thanks to the latest AI technology, Masterchannel optimises the sound quality of music to live up to the current market and streaming standards. You can simply upload your music to Masterchannel and get a version with an optimised sound back within a few minutes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sound engineering

It's important to note that AI mastering is not suitable for every music production purpose. For some projects, especially when it comes to particularly challenging and creative artistic decisions, working with an experienced engineer may still be the best option.

Professionals use Masterchannel to complement their work

Since its inception, Masterchannel has been working with prominent artists and professional mastering engineers who also use the platform as a tool to complement or expedite their daily work.

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AI mastering made simple

Why AI mastering makes sense:

With its origin in the times of the record, the mastering domain traditionally belonged to special mastering engineers who refined the final sound of a recording with their outstanding hearing. Nowadays, artificial intelligence helps reach results that are on par in terms of the sound. For you as an artist, this means that you save time and resources and can focus on your music.

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Your Masterchannel advantage:

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Titles that have been optimised with Masterchannel reach a high sound quality on all end devices, whether in the car, on headphones or in clubs.
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Releases mastered with Masterchannel are optimised to the requirements of all established streaming platforms.
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Due to the unlimited scalability and affordability, Masterchannel can be used at any time of the day or night for any type of production, whether for demos, mixtapes or releases.
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This is how Masterchannel works

Involved in the development: Top musicians and producers

Masterchannel is an AI-supported platform which uses reinforcement learning for optimising the mastering process. The system does not use patterns in a dataset but learns independently what constitutes good mastering. A significant difference to traditional Deep Learning which strongly relies on existing datasets.

Top musicians and producers have contributed to the optimisation of the system to meet the needs of professionals. The direct involvement of industry players ensures that Masterchannel generates results which satisfy the highest quality requirements.

About Masterchannel

Masterchannel was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2021. Since then, tens of thousands of artists, among them Grammy award winners and producers, have discovered Masterchannel as a tool for adding the final cut to their titles.

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