MusicHub – Your digital music platform with no subscription fee


MusicHub – Your digital music platform with no subscription fee

Get to know our subsidiary MusicHub! Founded in 2020 in collaboration with Zebralution, one of the leading distributors for music, audiobooks and podcasts, our common goal is to help you organise, administer and release your music independently and with ease.

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Who is MusicHub for?

MusicHub is for newcomers, as well as for established artists with an independent mindset, looking for an easy solution to digitally organise, administer and release their music, as well as expert career guidance and services. 

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How much do I pay to use MusicHub?
Registering at MusicHub is free of charge for you: as a GEMA member, you don’t pay any monthly subscription fee to use MusicHub. When you release via one of our current distribution partners, you keep 100% of your creative freedom, 100% of the rights to your music and 90% of the income generated from streaming and downloads.
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What is MusicHub?

MusicHub is our new digital platform, through which you can release your music to major streaming and download services via distributors, amongst other things. We’re constantly expanding our portfolio of services with additional tools and intuitive solutions.

Release your music in a few intuitive steps

More reach:
Release your music via distributors on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. The process is as easy as it is intuitive. More streaming and download platforms will follow.  

More clarity:
MusicHub is not only easy to navigate but also transparent: all the income that you generate through a distributor is displayed in your monthly royalty reports. On top of that, you get a detailed rundown of your statistics and the audience related to your release.


Get started

Login with your GEMA credentials:
GEMA members can use their GEMA login credentials to log into MusicHub, discover the platform and use it freely, without paying a subscription fee.

GEMA Soundfile Upload and other services:
Apart from the straightforward release process, MusicHub already offers integrated tools and services such as the “Track Library”, with which you can organise and manage your recordings easily and intuitively.

You can also access the GEMA Soundfile Upload Service through MusicHub.

This allows GEMA, with your permission, to monitor where your tracks are played in public (on TV/radio, in clubs or in commercials), in order to process your royalties accurately.

In the long run, we plan to offer you the possibility to use more GEMA Online Services, such as GEMA work declaration through MusicHub directly.

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Get help – quickly!

If you need us, our help centre offers answers to your questions – it is quick and easy to use and accessible to you 24/7 – and there are no waiting times.

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