GEMA General Assembly 2024


Numerous GEMA members took part in the General Assembly from 14 to 16 May 2024. They discussed questions about the future shape of their association, decided on innovations in the rules and regulations, and elected a new supervisory board.

The General Assembly adopted amendments to the GEMA rules and regulations, among them two topics that reflect different trends in the music market: Despite the vinyl boom, the market decline for audio and audiovisual recordings continues. GEMA is reacting by introducing a simplified, sustainable licensing and distribution model. 

The online market continues to gain importance. GEMA has already accounted for this by further developing its licensing models and promoting fair remuneration for musical works’ online usage. Diversity and the wide range of cultures involved in the music creation GEMA represents in the online sector, will be recognised with a new process for culture promotion in future.

Further informations on the agenda (in German)

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