Auf einem roten Heft der GEMA liegt eine Stift sowie eine Hand.
Information pursuant to Section 29 VGG

Missing details on rightsholders

Pursuant to Section 29 (2) VGG [Collecting Societies' Act], GEMA as a collective management organisation is obliged to provide its rightsholders and sister organisations with specific information if income cannot be distributed because rightsholders could not be identified or located. You can download the lists with this information on this page. Please log in with your GEMA account to view the lists.

Download lists

Should you provide details on the rightsholders as shown in the lists that we could not identify or locate, please contact us at the following e-mail address: When doing so, please tell us which of the above mentioned lists your information relates to.
Please log in to display the lists.

Publicly avaliable lists

The lists which we provide pursuant to Section 29 (3) VGG [Collecting Societies' Act] to the public can be accessed in our help centre:

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