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Live stream of events

Dear organisers and music users,

like you, we are following the development of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely. The recommendations of the competent authorities and regulations in individual regions mean that planned events have to be postponed or cancelled. If you plan a live stream instead, the following applies without prejudice:


For broadcasters with existing blanket or licensing agreements
You have to cancel your events like concerts, church services, fitness classes, club evenings etc. due to the current situation around the corona virus or close the location. If you have a live broadcast of the originally planned event instead, this live stream is covered by the existing blanket or licensing agreement as a replacement for the contractually agreed event. A separate licensing of the live stream is not necessary. You do not have to terminate existing licensing agreements; they can continue to be in force.

For use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter
Live streaming via these social media platforms is included in the licensing agreements with the respective platforms, so that individual licensing of live streams on these platforms is not necessary.

For other uses of live streams (without existing flat-rate or license agreement, on your own website or similar)
If none of the aforementioned facts apply to your live stream, we would like to draw your attention to our VR-OD 10 tariff for online use and the GEMA licence shop: Licence shop.

We kindly ask you to license via this licence shop. If this licence fee - already adjusted accordingly for minor uses - is an unreasonable hardship for you due to and for the duration of the corona pandemic (initially until the end of April) or if the tariff is not acceptable due to higher retrieval numbers, please inform us of the actual retrieval numbers. We will find an appropriate solution in these cases.

Contact: online@gema.de