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GEMA successfully closes the financial year 2018

GEMA generated income of more than EUR 1bn (EUR 1,019.2m) in 2018. Of this amount, the collective music management organisation is going to pay out EUR 859.5m to approximately 74,000 members as well as rights owners all over the world..

In total, GEMA realised earnings of EUR 1,019.2m in 2018 (2017: EUR 1,074.3m) and will distribute EUR 859.5m to its members and rights owners worldwide. GEMA thus surpasses the goals ithad set previously. “With earnings of more than one billion Euros, we made an important contribution to composers and lyricists getting paid for the use of their creative performances”, states GEMA CEO, Dr. Harald Heker. The 2018 result may have turned out to be EUR 55m lower than in the previous year, since considerable extraordinary income from 2017, among others, did not apply. If this one-off effect is, however, adjusted accordingly, the numbers show a plus of 10.3 percent. In relation to the earnings, the total expenditure amounted to EUR 159.7m (2017: EUR 160.7m). Due to the decrease in income, the cost rate increased to 15.7 percent (2017: 15.0 percent).

As expected, the biggest growth stems from internet and streaming providers’ income which increased by EUR 35.5m compared to the previous year, thus reaching EUR 105.5m. The decline of conventional sound recordings accelerated once more. Earnings from this sector of EUR 81m were 15.7 percent lower than in the previous year (2017: EUR 96.1m). All other collection categories remained generally stable: Regional Offices contributed to the income with EUR 388.5m (2017: EUR 380.5m), Radio and Television with EUR 301.8m (2017: EUR 294.2m).

“The very positive earnings trend in the online sector confirms that more music is used via the internet than ever before. This development must not distract from the fact that a huge gap still exists between the remuneration for music authors and the revenue of big online platforms which make profit with the use of works protected by copyright”, Dr. Harald Heker points out. When it comes to the directive adopted at EU level on the modernisation of copyright , the GEMA CEO rates it positively against this background: “The current EU reform lays the foundation for a modern copyright which is adapted to the challenges of the digital age. The new EU regulations have the objective to finally create a legal basis for the conclusion of licence agreements between online platforms and creators. We therefore consider this to be a strengthening of the creative and cultural industries in Europe”, Dr. Harald Heker adds.


GEMA's most important income categories at a glance

Sound recordings
In financial year 2018, the income from the licensing of physical sound recordings such as CDs or vinyls continued to decline further. The drop by 15.7 percent to EUR 81m (2017: EUR 96.1m) shows that music users increasingly leave physical media behind and consume music mainly via digital means.

In the online sector, a strong growth was registered and the EUR 100m-threshold was surpassed for the first time. Earnings rose from EUR 70m to EUR 105.5m – a plus of more than 50 percent.

Radio and TV
Income from TV and radio usage in the past financial year rose again slightly by 2.58 percent. This sector has seen a continued positive trend with a total income of EUR 301.8m (2017: 294.2 m).

Regional Offices (Public performance of music)
The results of the Regional Offices remain at a consistently high level: At EUR 388.5m, (2017: EUR 380.5m), the collections from public performance of music continue to make up the strongest income category.

GEMA represents the copyright of approximately than 74,000 members (composers, lyricists and music publishers) in Germany, and more than two million copyright owners globally. It is one of the largest societies for authors of musical works in the world.

Note to the editors:
Further information regarding our financial results can be found in our annual report 2018 including the transparency report 2018, downloadable at: www.gema.de/geschaeftsbericht


Zum Geschäftsbericht 2018


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