30 January 2012

GEMA panel at MIDEM 2012: "Lost Property – the Future of Collective Rights Management in the E.U." (+ Video)

In 2012 decisions are pending in Brussels that will be set trends in particular for the societies in Europe that administer copyrights. With this in mind, as part of MIDEM, the world's largest music trade fair, GEMA invited interested parties today to attend a round of discussions on the future of the collective administration of copyrights in Europe.
You can watch the recording of the panel in its entirety here. Kerstin Jorna, Deputy Head of Cabinet of European Commissioner Michel Barnier, affirmed the European Commission's intention to present their suggestion for a European legal framework for the collective administration of copyrights in April 2012. The future legal framework should create, among other things, the same general conditions for societies for the administration of copyrights and simplify the cross-border administration of rights in the online area. The European Commission will then start working in September 2012 on revising the guidelines for enforcement. Kerstin Jorna emphasized the important role the European Parliament and the member states have in the on-going process, and she encouraged all of the participants to take an active part in the discussion. CEO of GEMA, Dr. Harald Heker, welcomed the announcement of the creation of a European legal framework for societies that administer copyrights, an issue that GEMA has advocated in Brussels for a long time now: "A European initiative is necessary in order to create sound legal protection for cooperations between societies that administer copyrights and to ensure the same general conditions for fair competition." Alfons Karabuda, a composer and the Executive Chairman of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance, also supports the European Commission's initiative. A competitive market is important; however, in the future competition cannot be conducted at the expense of the artists. Ansgar Heveling, Member of the German Bundestag (CDU) and representing the German political faction CDU and CSU on the issue of copyright laws, embraced the European Commission's initiative, which politicians in Germany are already looking forward to. In view of the European Commission's announcement to instigate measures to contain copyright infringements in 2012, he expressed his aspiration that the European Union will remain a safe haven for copyright owners. Kenth Muldin, CEO of STIM and chairman of CISAC's Board of Directors, described the Commission's initiative as a "very good idea." At the same time, he stressed that – in terms of cultural diversity – especially smaller and medium-sized societies for the administration of copyrights are dependent upon cooperations. GEMA represents in Germany the copyrights of more than 64,000 members (composers, text authors, and music publishers), as well as over two million copyright owners from all over the world. It is one of the largest societies for authors of music works in the world. Press/media contacts:
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