05 May 2014

Personnel changes at GEMA: Kilian Steiner leaves GEMA

Kilian Steiner, Director of Broadcasting and Online, leaves GEMA in June 2014 to take on new responsibilities as a member of the management team at publishers C.H. Beck. His responsibilities as Director of Broadcasting and Online will be taken up by Thomas Theune, who currently heads Reproduction Rights and Foreign Affairs.
Kilian Steiner joined GEMA in 2009 as a legal advisor and head of the Legal Department. Since 2011 he has been in charge of Broadcasting and Online – one of GEMA’s most important sources of income. “I am very sorry to be losing Mr. Steiner,” says Dr. Harald Heker, Chairman of GEMA’s Executive Board. ”As well as successfully redesigning and expanding our online presence, he has had a significant influence on licensing for broadcasts, particularly through his successful negotiations on royalties with German public broadcasters and private radio stations, and his achievements will be felt over the coming years. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Steiner for the outstanding commitment he displayed as a director and legal advisor for GEMA and our members.” Thomas Theune, who currently oversees Reproduction Rights and Foreign Affairs, will assume Steiner’s responsibilities. Dr. Monika Staudt will take over from Theune as the new Director of Reproduction Rights and Foreign Affairs from 1 October 2014. Theune began his career with GEMA in 2006 in the area of licensing for broadcasts. In 2009 he joined the department of Reproduction Rights and Foreign Affairs, which he now heads. Dr. Monika Staudt joined GEMA in 2001 as a legal expert in the Berlin accounting office, and in 2011 took over as Head of the Entertainment Music Accounting department. GEMA represents the copyrights of more than 67,000 members (composers, lyricists, and music publishers) in Germany, as well as those of over two million copyright holders all over the world. It is one of the largest societies of authors for works of music worldwide. Press contact:
Ursula Goebel, Head of Marketing & Communication
e-mail: ugoebel@gema.de, tel.: +49 89 48003-426