Become a GEMA member

Everyone, whether music creator or music publisher, has the right to fair pay as soon as their works are publicly performed, played back or reproduced. It does, however, take up your valuable time to check where, when and how often this happens. That is why we are looking after your matters as your reliable and fiduciary partner. Become a member, like many others, so that we can stand up for your rights.

When a membership is worth your while

A GEMA membership is worth your while in cases where your musical works are performed in public to a certain extent. This includes where they are broadcast on TV or on the radio, are available via streaming services or commercially available. In that case, you can recover your annual membership fee in a flash. Here’s an example: For songwriters, membership can be worthwhile once they have sold 100 albums.

Your advantages as a GEMA member:

Global royalty payments

We are very well connected internationally and collect royalties for you from all over the world.

Comprehensive member programme

We offer: Benefits, showcases, insurances and workshops (online and offline).


Promotion of the music scene

The GEMA foundation also grants music awards, promotes projects for young talents and supports music creators and publishers in need.

Your voice matters

As a member, you can actively shape GEMA.

You can become a GEMA member:

  • Composers
  • Lyricists of lyrics set to music
  • Music publishers
  • Legal successors of the groups mentioned above

This is what a GEMA membership costs for creators

As a composer or lyricist, you pay an admission fee of €107.10 (incl. VAT, net €90.00). Your annual membership fee amounts to €50.00. 

  • We care about newcomers! 

All creators who turn 30 years of age or younger in the year of application for membership and submit their application by 31 October of the current year pay only the membership fee of €50.00. The one-time admission fee of €107.10 (incl. VAT, net €90.00) is waived. So you save right from the start!

Become a part of a strong community

Your journey as a member. From application to payout.


How can we help you?

If you still have any questions on the GEMA membership, please do get in touch.