Your GEMA repertoire

You have a statutory right to receive a fair payment if your works are used in public. As a government-approved fiduciary trustee, we manage this right on your behalf. Requirements: You become a GEMA member and register your repertoire. Once you have done that, we can generate royalties for you.

Register your works in time

Your works are automatically protected by copyright law.  If you want to earn money with them, just become a GEMA member and register your works. Once you have done that, we can collect royalties on your behalf as your fiduciary trustee. It is important that you stick to the registration deadlines so that we can make sure we include you when it comes to the pay-outs.

Especially in cases where your works are used via online platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc.), it is important that you register your works without delay since there is only a short period during which we can license your works with the online platforms.

Your music in films, series and advertising

Is your music used in films, series and advertising? In that case, you can find out here how you can submit notifications for audiovisual productions (AV productions) to us.

You can also obtain useful information on soundfile uploads and on synchronisation rights.

This is how you register your works and audiovisual productions

Register your works and AV productions
Submit cue sheet and/or upload soundfiles
Pay-out dates