General Assembly 2024

Additional programme

online event

Technical tuition 

We want to give members the opportunity as part of this session to test the hybrid event system in the run up of the General Assembly 2023 and to ask questions how it all works. 

The tuition is mainly directed at such members who are planning to participate digitally. 

Event date:
Monday, 8 May, from 3.30 to 5pm

You need to have registered in our online registration system until 05 May.

You will find the Login-Link to the event here shortly.  

When you log in to the event system, please use the personal password sent to you with your invitation and your membership number pr your email address and the password you selected in the course of of the registration process, if you are representing a member.

Details on the technical requirements for taking part in the General Assembly digitally you can find in our FAQs

Online EVENT

Discussion sessions of the professional categories 

Before the hybrid General Assembly, the discussion sessions are meant to provide full members, their representatives and delegates the opportunity to gather information about the agenda items relevant to them within their own professional categories, and to ask questions. 

The discussion sessions of full members are held digitally as follows:

Event dates:

With the deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Stefan Waggershausen and Dr. Lars Hendrik Riemer of the GEMA Legal Division  
With the deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Götz von Einem and Dr. Kai Welp, GEMA Legal Division  
With the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Ralf Weigand and the General Counsel of GEMA, Dr. Tobias Holzmüller 

Participants must register by 1pm of the event day via the online registration system at the latest. You will get an email with the access data from us about half an hour before the event begins. 

The discussion sessions of the professional categories will be run via the conference tool Teams (webinar mode). This means that only the presenters will be visible at the beginning.  

  • If you have already installed Microsoft Teams on your computer, you can take part by clicking on the invitation link directly via the programme.  

  • If you have not installed Teams yet, you can participate in the event via one of the two browsers, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome without having to install Teams. Just open the link to the event in one of the two browsers and select the option “continue on this browser”. Then, enter your full name in the entry field and click on “join now”.  

Questions and contributions 

You can ask questions via the chat function of Teams. If you want to ask a question live via video feed, please raise your hand by selecting the respective button in Teams. You will then be called up by the moderator. Please note that you then have to activate your camera and your microphone by clicking on the respective button so that the rest of the participants can see and hear you. 

The agenda for the General Assembly is located together with additional information on all agenda items here


Personal discussions at the General Assembly

In personal discussion sessions, the associate members have the opportunity to exchange their views on the agenda and other topics of interest, and to vote on them, where applicable. By popular demand from the membership, personal discussion sessions will take place directly before the assembly of the associate members in a hybrid format. It is possible that the professional categories hold by-elections of Delegates directly after the personal discussions. 

Event dates:

With the Delegate speakers Stefanie Schlesinger and Franz-Michael Deimling, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Ralf Weigand and General Counsel of GEMA, Dr. Tobias Holzmüller  
With the Delegate  speaker Stephan Runge, deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Stephan Waggershausen and Dr. Lars Hendrik Riemer of the GEMA Legal Division 
With the Delegate speaker Neil Grant, deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Götz von Einem and Dr. Kai Welp, GEMA Legal Division 

To participate digitally and for representatives to take part, it is required to register in the online registration system before the event.  

When you log in to the event system, please use the personal password sent to you with your invitation and your membership number pr your email address and the password you selected in the course of of the registration process, if you are representing a member. 

The agenda for the General Assembly and information material on all agenda items is located here.
Hybrid Events

Additional programme at the General Assembly

We have prepared exciting sessions as part of our fringe events for you. You can gather news and infos on current topics from within GEMA but also from external experts. All the following info events are held hybrid.
Full authors who are represented at the General Assembly can still participate digitally in the events of the supplementary programme. 

Info-Brunch: 11.30 am to 12.30pm
Songwriting Essentials: Guidelines for creative songwriting and producing
How to Succeed in Songwriting and Come Up with Great Song Ideas.  
Artist Linda Stark and music producer Benni Dernhoff will discuss these questions and more with some tips and advice and share some personal stories and anecdotes from their everyday life as songwriters. 

Speaker: Linda Stark (Singer/Songwriterin), Benni Dernhoff (Songwriter & Musikproduzent)
Moderation: Clara Zumbiel (GEMA, Key Account Management for Authors)

Panel: 12.30 am – 13.30 am
TikTok marketing and content creation
SongPush (an agency specialising in TikTok marketing and campaigns) discusses its learnings on “successful TikTok campaigns and content creation” with its business partner, the leading influencer marketing firm ENKIME. Further input will be provided by an artist with experience and audience reach on TikTok.

Speaker: Oliver Delfendahl (Co-Founder ENKIME), Marcus Cremer (Co-Founder Songpush) , Stefan Kling (Co-Founder Songpush)
Moderation: Clara Zumbiel (GEMA, Key Account Management for Authors)

Panel: 18.00 pm – 19.00 pm 
Generative artificial intelligence in the music industry: insights into the AI study and current developments
Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest technological shifts for the creative industries. As a CMO, we see the challenges and opportunities that come with this new technology. Find out more about the key outcomes of the recently published AI Study, about how GEMA handles AI and about the impact generative AI has on the music industry. 

Speaker: Michael Duderstädt (Direktor Politische Kommunikation der GEMA) , Julia Friebe (Manager & Team-Lead im Bereich Innovationsmanagement), Stefanie Moser (Projektmanagerin Innovative Technologien im KI Team der GEMA)

Information-breakfast: 8.30 am 
What’s next for CDs?  
Reform of licensing of, and royalty distribution on physical media 
The market for physical media such as CDs or DVDs has been shrinking sharply and steadily for years. Our aim is to secure the future exploitation of copyrights in this field by simplifying and streamlining licensing and distribution processes significantly. This will allow GEMA to respond flexibly to new market trends. We will introduce you to the change in GEMA’s royalty distribution scheme that is up for vote in this context and look forward to discussing it with you.
Speaker: Dr. Monika Staudt (Direktorin VBC & SKMV (interimistisch) der GEMA), Britta Stoffels (Referentin CoE Verteilung), Michael Schmidt (Abteilungsleiter Lizenzierung Vervielfältigungsrechte)

Information-breakfast: 8.30 am
Mental health in the music industry
Mental health is a topical issue in the music industry.  How can one take care of one’s mental health and build resilience despite high stress levels, for example while on tour? Artist Diana Goldberg shares her experience from her everyday life as a musician and discusses her perspective with the association “MiM – Mental Health in Music” and music manager, publisher and producer Henrik Kersten. The panel will be moderated by Ariane Petschow of MusicHub. 

Speaker: Diana Goldberg (Singer/Songwriterin), Franziska Lauter (Co-Founderin MiM-Verband) , Henrik Kersten (Verleger/Manager)
Moderation: Ariane Petschow (Marketing Lead MusicHub) 

Panel: 10.00 am – 11.00 am
Sustainability in the music industry 
A discussion on the topic of sustainability in touring and festival production. The initiative “Music Declares Emergency” is an organisation with roots in the music industry that is committed to addressing the climate emergency. Together with the Wacken Festival and the Sustainability Manager of Milky Chance, we will discuss actions and experiences. 

Speaker: Tine Theurich (Aktivistin und Mitgründerin MDE Deutschland/Geschäftsführerin der Kommunikationsagentur "SUPERUNKNOWN") , Anja Lorenz (GEMA Nachhaltigkeitsmanagerin), Sonja Lachenmeyr (Dirigentin)
Moderation: Christin Gläßler (Teil der Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltigkeit & Managerin in der Abteilung Strategy, Innovation & New Business bei der GEMA)

Panel: 16.30 pm – 17.30 pm
Digitisation of usage recording at GEMA

From Setup to Sound File Upload: Digitalisation of Music Use Monitoring by GEMA. In an open discussion by a panel of experts, we will provide an overview of current developments in usage reporting in various distribution categories. Topics touched upon will include monitoring of public-service broadcasters, usage reports on the GEMA Online Portal (setup) and live event monitoring. There will also be an opportunity for questions from members

Speaker: Bernd Leuschner (Head of Key Account Management), Benjamin Lambert (GEMA), Jochen Berg (Leiter Juristische Grundsatzfragen und Geschäftsentwicklung in der Direktion Sendung und Online), Jens Kindermann (Abteilungsleiter Mitglieder- und Repertoiremanagement im Bereich Produkte), Frank Schulze ( Business Process Manager – VBC Music Reporting Support)

Break-Out-Session: 17.30 pm – 18.00 pm
MusicHub presents a compact and dynamic session providing an overall view of recent developments and future innovation of the platform.  
The agenda will include an introduction from the Strategy & Development Directorate followed by an insightful presentation by MusicHub’s new CEO Max Fellmuth, who will give both a review and an outlook for the future. A live demo will show practical examples of how current features of MusicHub can be used, and a Q&A-session will be held to give the audience the opportunity to ask questions and provide valuable feedback.  
This session is your chance to learn directly from the people behind MusicHub, to exchange ideas and to explore the wide range of possibilities MusicHub offers for music creators.

Speaker: Tilmann Hemminger (Abteilungsleiter Strategy, Innovation & New Business), Max Fellmuth (Geschäftsführer MusicHub)

Get Together: 18.00 pm – 20.00 pm
The informal get-together takes place after the curia meetings. Here you can round off the day with a drink and meet and network with colleagues from the industry.

Information breakfast: 8.30 am
Ideas, food for thought and innovations from members: mysician, a platform for mediation and networking in the music industry

Our “Ideenbox” initiative of autumn 2022 allowed members for the first time to submit ideas for offerings that make the work of music creators easier. Together with our members, we have expanded on, and developed the idea of a platform for members and other players in the music industry to network and find jobs and projects. Learn more about the current status of the “mysician” idea and give us feedback during this interactive breakfast session with GEMA’s Innovations Team.

Speaker: Adam Egerer (Manager in der Abteilung Strategy, Innovation & New Business), Julia Friebe (Manager & Team-Lead im Bereich Innovationsmanagement), Oliver Kruse (Manager in der Abteilung Strategy, Innovation & New Business)

Information stands

As usual, you will have the opportunity to talk to GEMA employees at our information stands at the 2024 General Assembly. The stands will be available on all three days of the event.  

"Meine Tantiemen" zu den Ausschüttungsterminen 

Money Received – All Good? Upon each distribution of royalties, GEMA offers a range of data, information, and self-services. In a live demo we will go through step by step all the information that is made available to you in the context of royalty distribution, ranging from account statements and detailed distribution statements to the information on the website. Other key topics covered will include the new combined detailed distribution statements and the change from GEMA Download to the Online Portal.  

Am Stand: Jan Müller, Milena Albrecht, Peter Stingel, Anika Skopnik



  • Allgemeine Beratung zu Leistungen der GEMA Sozialkasse für GEMA-Mitglieder
  • Persönliche Beratung zu erstmaliger Leistungsbeantragung und zu Einkommensprüfung bei wiederkehrenden Leistungen: Hierbei werden individuelle Fragen geklärt und Unterstützung bei der Antragsstellung gegeben.
  • Möglichkeit der persönlichen Einreichung von relevanten Unterlagen vor Ort: Mitglieder können Unterlagen, wie z. B. Einkommensnachweise oder Antragsformulare, persönlich bei der GEMA Sozialkasse vor Ort einreichen.  

Am Stand: Sabrina Tänzer, Galina Köhn, Sabrina Kampmann 


MgP (Mitglieder und Partner)

Kontoauszug in neuer Optik -  Ordentliche Mitgliedschaft - Haben Sie eine aktuelle Fassung des Berechtigungsvertrages? - Besonderheiten bei den c/o Adressen - Wofür brauche ich eine Korrespondenz-E-Mailadresse bzw. einen Portal-Admin?

Am Stand: Brigitte Casanova, Eylül Hummel, Vincent Burek Claudia Maisberger, Sascha Jurkowitsch, Liza Grimsmann, Manuela Grunert 



Visit us at our GEMAplus exhibition stand to find out more about our benefits programme. GEMAplus offers a wide range of extra benefits you can enjoy as a member, e.g. a large number of webinars and workshops, showcases at popular festivals and a list of potential partners that can support you in your music career. Whichever stage you are at in your career, we have the tools and resources to support you. Meet us at the GEMAplus stand and lets build your success in music together! 

Am Stand: Oliver Kruse (Manager bei  Strategy, Innovation & New Business), Luca Belloco (Membership Development Manager GEMA), Lena Schmidt (Editorial Manager BEFORE EIGHT Group GmbH, Daniel Lohmann (CFO & Co-Founder BEFORE EIGHT Group GmbH, Bernd Wulff (WVS), Georg von Siwers (WVS)



Der Stand bietet eine ideale Gelegenheit, direkt mit den Experten hinter der Plattform in Kontakt zu treten. Stellen Sie Ihre Fragen, holen Sie sich Einblicke in die neuesten Tools und Services, und erfahren Sie, wie MusicHub Ihre Karriere unterstützen kann. In freundlicher, einladender Atmosphäre und der Möglichkeit Live-Demos auf einem Großbildmonitor beizuwohnen, ist dies der perfekte Ort, um sich inspirieren zu lassen und mit Gleichgesinnten ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Am Stand: Adam Egerer, Ariane Petschow, Gil Hockman, Niklas Jorgensen



How can I register my works? Where can I see my royalties? Where can I find an overview of my data?
In the Try-Out area, you can experience our online portal in its entirety and try out services for yourself. 
Also included: the presentation of our complaints service. 
In addition, employees from all departments will be available to help you with any questions you may have.
Am Stand: Karin Nercessian, Jan Müller, Silke Rühlemann, Liane Fürst, Stephan Eyting, Lisa Reckling, Stefanie Willert, Sabine Gädeke, Anne Radies, Robert Metzner, Timo Richard, Lars Eichberg, Marie Zippel, und viele weitere


Service Desk

Informationen folgen

Am Stand: Jenny Karl, Mareike Hallman (Service Managerin im Mitglieder Kunden Service für die Abteilung Aufführungsrecht im Inland), Svenja Tikovsky (Gremien- und Kommunikationsmanagerin)

Membership party

The membership party, during which the Fred Jay Award will be presented, takes place on 14 May 2024 from 7.00 pm in the bcc Berlin Congress Center, Alexanderstraße 11 in Berlin.   

If you want to attend at the membership party, you needed to register online beforehand via the registration system for the General Assembly in the registration period between 10 April 2024 and 10 May 2024.