GEMA General Assembly 2024

Focus on Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI is going to fundamentally change the music business. This technology offers new possibilities in terms of creation and inspiration, however, it also presents major challenges. A plethora of questions regarding copyright, remuneration and how to correctly deal with AI systems still remain unanswered. At the same time, new AI music tools are hitting the marketplace practically every week.

It was literally palpable at the GEMA General Assembly, how much generative AI is on the minds of the creatives. There were discussions on the challenges brought about by the issue in many meetings, panels and personal conversations. In his speech at the General Assembly, CEO Tobias Holzmüller introduced the audience to the position GEMA was taking in the debate on artificial intelligence in music and to the initiatives within the collective management organisation regarding the potential of AI. In early January, for example, GEMA had, together with its French sister organisation SACEM, commissioned a study on the economic impact of AI on the music business. The AI supported service chat “Melody” is going to be published on the GEMA website shortly. Its objective is to help members and customers with complex questions regarding copyright, licensing and distribution.

The news about the activities and position of GEMA in the field of generative AI met with positive response from the membership. In many contributions, there was a certain element of worry and concern whether and how rightsholders would be able to receive a fair remuneration if AI tools were trained up with copyright-protected content.  Tobias Holzmüller received a lot of applause when he ensured the assembly that GEMA was very confident in terms of being able to enter into licence agreements for such cases in the coming years.

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