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Focus on: Streaming

The situation in terms of the remuneration for music creators in the online sector continues to be unsatisfactory. The Bundestag and Bundesrat adopted the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive in May 2021 and thus introduced an important step towards more fairness on the internet. The provisions for the new Act on the Copyright Liability of Online Content Sharing Service Providers (UrhDaG) do, however, only apply to upload platforms such as YouTube, but not to streaming services like Spotify.

As a consequence, there is still a need for action because streaming plays an increasingly important role when it comes to music uses. New opportunities therefore arise for music creators from this, but also many challenges. It is all the more important that the perspective taken by creators should be added to the ever louder debate regarding the need for reform in the streaming sector. The streaming of the future must be better tailored to the needs of the creators and enable them to earn their economic livelihoods.

GEMA formulates its demands for more fairness, transparency and sustainability in the music streaming market in a list with 11 points.

Study: Music streaming in Germany

Music streaming is booming and dominating the music market today. But who actually earns from streaming and how much ultimately gets through to the music creators? A study commissioned by GEMA and carried out by the Goldmedia consulting and research group has now extensively examined this and other questions for the German music streaming market.  The study is based on current market data, interviews with industry experts and an online survey among GEMA members. It offers a hitherto unique fact base for developments and challenges on the German market.