Online Portal replaces GEMA Download


Yes, when new files are available for you for a payout, you will be notified by email from us.

Of course you can opt to receive the new detailed statements by post. However, this service is very expensive (€1 per page) because the scope of the statements is expanded quite considerably as a result of the “euros per individual use” change. We therefore recommend using the Online Portal.

Once requested, the files will remain in My downloads for ten days. Following this, they can be generated again via “My royalties” (the data will remain available for ten years).

The GEMA Download service is being completely replaced by the GEMA Online Portal. All files are available in the Online Portal under My royalties together with further information relating to distributions.

You can send us an e-mail: Please enter the subject in your e-mail: Replacement "GEMA Download". Thank you! 

GEMA Download

The distribution files dated 1 April 2024 will be the last to be available through the GEMA Download (GDOWN ) service. In the future, all distribution files will be accessible only via the GEMA Online Portal.

In the My downloads service in the Online Portal, the old GDOWN formats will be provided for the last time for 1 June 2024 and 1 July 2024. However, GDOWN itself will already be closed then.
We currently plan to keep GEMA Download open for you until 15 May 2024.

Files are automatically made available to the relevant member under My downloads. There is no need for the member to request the file in question via the “My royalties” service. The GDOWN files will be made available in the Online Portal for the last time for the 1 July 2024 distribution date.

Download file → right-click on the file → click on "7Zip" → click on "Unzip file here"
(Also applies to Mac users)

The TXT, TAB and PDF formats will be available until the 1 April 2024 distribution date. The GDF and CSV formats will be available until the 1 July 2024 distribution date, but only in the Online Portal.


No – there are new formats (CSV, PDF) in the Online Portal. The structure of the content is also changing because amounts and uses are now being combined in a single file. This is why we refer to the new formats as “detailed statements”. They have been available in the Online Portal now since the distributions dated 1 June 2023.

The combined detailed statements are available retrospectively in the Online Portal in the new detailed-statement formats, CSV and PDF, dating back to and including 2018.

No – the CSV and PDF formats are available to you.

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