We want to inform that the distribution dates for the mixed online platforms have changed (GOP-supplement & UGC). More informations on our distribution page.

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GEMA Download

Members can access details on their distributions i.e. download individual statements and usage lists.

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Due to maintenance work, the service GEMA Download will not be avaliable on Friday, 2 February 2024, from 11:00 - 12:00.

FAQs GEMA Download

The GEMA download service offers our members the option to retrieve details on their distributions (individual statements and usage lists) in a digital format. For performing and broadcasting rights' categories, you can check, for example, which works (individual statements) were paid out to you, and for which event/broadcast dates (usage lists). In addition to the information provided by means of our individual hardcopy statements, the detailed statements for our online categories (MOD, KMOD, WEB) enable you to e.g. find out details on licensees and on-demand statistics. You can also unsubscribe from the postal hardcopy dispatch of your individual statements and usage lists.

Signing up for and using all GEMA online services is free of charge.

In order to use this online service, you need a personal account on our website first. In case you already have a personal account, maybe because you already work with other GEMA online services, please do continue to use this account by all means.

Should you not have an account with us yet, please register first as a personal user in our online portal.

As a next step, you need to submit a written application for the use of our online service. The relevant application form can be accessed here. It contains important details on how to complete the form, as well as a power of attorney form which you will require if you act on behalf of a third party.

Any member with a valid and active e-mail address can register. Upon request, members may additionally issue a power of attorney for the GEMA download service, so that authorised third parties have access to the data of the authorising party at all times. The authorised party does not have to be a GEMA member. Distribution data shall be made available to the authorised party/parties beginning with the payout following GEMA's receipt of the power of attorney.

Publishers have the possibility to authorise several staff members to access the GEMA download service.

The files available for retrieval via the GEMA download service include additional details for categories MOD, WEB, KMOD compared to the hardcopy statements/lists. Regarding the performing and broadcasting rights' categories, you also receive additional details free of charge which, if you were to request them in hardcopy format, would be subject to a fee. Please check our services catalogue for the latest price per page, resp. per event.

Since the data is made available electronically, it is easier for you to manage, prepare, process, and, if applicable further process it, for example for the purpose of an annual reconciliation of the usage lists for performances/broadcasts with the relevant individual statements.

If you do not require hardcopy statements any longer, you can unsubscribe from them via "settings" in the GEMA download service menu.

You can choose between the following format types in the GEMA download service:

  • CSV files delimited by semicolon with column headers (open and process in Excel)
  • CSV files delimited by semicolon without column headers (open and process in Excel)
  • TAB files delimited by tabs (tab-separated values)
  • TXT files delimited by | (pipe / vertical bar)
  • GDF files without delimiters (GEMA data format)
  • PDF files

You may choose from these format types your standard format (and change it) via "settings". Via the "template" and "own selection" features, you can request the distribution data in a format deviating from your standard format. With regards to distribution data in PDF format, we offer you the audit-proof PDF-A file format.

You will receive a suitable data record inscription for each available selection, intended to support you with your evaluation and processing of the distribution data in CSV, TXT, TAB and GDF formats.

You will be sent an automated e-mail as soon as your download folder in the GEMA download service holds new distribution data for you. The e-mail is directed to the e-mail address allocated to your GEMA account in our central user administration (ZBV).

All distribution data from the last three months shall be available to you after your first sign-in to the GEMA download online service. The immediate download of distribution data shall be available for a period of 30 days from the day they have been made available for the first time. After that, you can request for the data to be made available again in the section of your "download folder" by simply clicking on the "download" button. Three years after the payout date, distribution data shall be deleted from the GEMA download service.

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