Register films and series

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This is how you register films and series

You can register films or series that contain your works in our Online Portal. These include:

  • Cinema films
  • Own or commissioned TV productions
  • TV co-productions
  • Promo films/corporate films
  • Video on demand/internet productions
  • DVD productions

The registration is possible via our online form or via our Excel template directly in the service centre.

You can also inform us in the online portal via AV registration if you want to revoke the synchronisation right from GEMA and exercise it yourself.

Search films, series & commercials

Search films and series productions online via our AV display. This Online Service provides an overview regarding all of the documented films and series where your works are used.

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My works in AV productions 

Find out in which films and series (AV productions) your own works are included.

Synchronisation rights: Your notification to us is mandatory

Please remember that you have a duty to inform us with respect to synchronisation rights as it is set out in the Deed of Assignment.

Should you wish to manage the synchronisation rights in a film or series production yourself, please inform us in advance. To this end, simply notify us of the production via the Online Portal or by using the corresponding form.

GEMA synchronisation right tariffs
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Particularly important for TV productions: Soundfile uploads

Soundfiles are essential for TV productions. Monitoring service providers need your audio file in order to monitor your work. Please upload the soundfile for your music via the Online Portal.

Everything on the Soundfile Upload

Have you already registered your work with GEMA?

By submitting a notification of an audiovisual production via the GEMA Online Portal, you can ensure that your work is registered with us.  This is important because: no work registration, no royalties! You can add already registered works via the search function in the AV registration.


Registration deadlines

View our deadlines for registering your music in films and series here.

Identify film and series usages - the inquiry list

As a GEMA member or authorised representative you can search for films or series that have been used but have not been recognised, allocated and distributed.  Reasons for this are either a missing AV registration or a missing soundfile.

To check whether your films and series might also be affected, you can launch the online service inquiry list/identify usages in your GEMA Online Portal and search specifically for your productions. Or you research our overview (an Excel file) where all of the non-identified usages are listed.

Downlaod inquiry lists

CISAC standards

When it comes to implementing our AV registration, we have taken the standards of CISAC (umbrella organisation for collective management organisations) into account. They have been defined as a result of the cooperation between the collective management organisations, publishers and producers and were published in November 2020.

Do you want to find our more? There is additional information regarding the CISAC standards and a cue sheet template on the CISAC page.

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Forms to register films, series and commercials


Further information and filling in instructions

Get help – quickly!

If you need us, our help centre offers answers to your questions – it is quick and easy to use and accessible to you 24/7 – and there are no waiting times.

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