There is so much love in German songs:
18.897 Songs have LIEBE (LOVE) in their title
8.519 have HERZ (HEART) in their title
1.003 have KUSS/KÜSSE (KISS/KISSES) in their title

*Based on the GEMA database with around 17 mio. works of national and international authors

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Europe’s Creators heave a sigh of relief: EU Parliament strengthens the position of authors vis-à-vis online platforms

The EU Parliament has published its position on the copyright reform today and given the green light for further negotiations with the Council. GEMA welcomes the vote as a good basis for the negotiations on the modernisation of copyright.

During protracted discussions, parliamentarians reached a last-minute agreement in some contentious points with regards to the copyright reform. GEMA CEO, Dr. Harald Heker states: “Finally, the foundation for a modern copyright which complies with the digital age has been laid. This step has been long overdue.” Dr. Heker goes on to say: “The EU Parliament has not been wavered by the opponents’ disinformation campaign. We are glad that a compromise capable to carry a majority vote could be found. This is for the benefit of creators and ultimately secures the cultural diversity in Europe.” Dr. Harald Heker comments further: “The vote in the EU Parliament now strengthens the position of creators vis-à-vis online platforms - without restricting users’ rights.”

In the run-up to the vote, more than 70 associations of the culture and media industries had called upon MEPs to support the reform proposals. Dr. Harald Heker summarises: “We would like to thank correspondent Axel Voss and Dr. Helga Trüpel in lieu of all parliamentarians who have been advocating the protection and the strengthening of creators in Europe. All of them have made today's compromises possible. Now, we hope for a quick consensus between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission until the end of the year.”

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