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Distribution in the categories mixed online platforms (GOP & GOP VR)

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Music on social media platforms

When our members' music is played on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or TikTok, they receive royalty distributions in the mixed online platforms (GOP & GOP VR) categories. In order to be able to distribute revenues as accurate as possible, we need complete and detailed usage data from the platforms, to comprehend which works were used how often.
Since this has not been the case so far, GEMA's General Assembly has adopted a dual distribution model that also includes uses where information is missing. In this way, and despite insufficient data, we enable our members to receive the most accurate remuneration possible.  

How distribution in the mixed online categories works, we will show you here. 

Mixed online platforms at a glance

What is the source of our revenues?
From online platforms with user-generated content, we collect licensing income (e.g. YouTube, Facebook and TikTok).

Which usage data is used?
Usage reports from online platforms, e.g. from YouTube's Content ID system.

This is how we distribute our revenues:
Distribution is based on the dual distribution model. On the one hand, direct distribution takes place if usage reports are available and complete. On the other hand, missing and insufficient reports are compensated for by a supplementary distribution across almost all categories.


The dual distribution model

Due to missing and incomplete usage data from social media platforms, we distribute in the mixed online platforms categories in two parallel ways:

  • If usable usage information is available, a usage-based distribution is made. In this way, distribution can take place on a per-work and per-click basis, comparable to the distributions for uses on Spotify or Apple Music.

  • Music uses that cannot be processed due to missing data are remunerated in the form of a supplement. This is based on the assumption that music content used in other contexts is also used on social media platforms. The supplement is therefore dependent on the volume of uses in other categories.

GEMA continues to work intensively to ensure reporting from YouTube and other platforms.

The supplement relates to the respective annual income of those entitled to receive distributions. Almost all categories are taken into consideration in terms of income, but with different weightings. For this purpose, each platform is taken into consideration in its own right. Only the sum of the usage-based GOP distribution and the GOP supplement results in the remuneration for the use of works on a platform.
The Supervisory Board, based on available empirical data, decides which share of the income from platforms is distributed on a usage basis and which is distributed as a supplement (so-called quota).


The distribution of revenues from YouTube

From YouTube, we currently receive only partially usable usage reports via Content ID. That is why we distribute revenues from YouTube in a dual distribution model.

For the distribution of the years 2019 and 2020, the Supervisory Board has determined the revenue split to be 70% for supplement and 30% for usage reports. For 2021 and 2022, the applicable share is 65% / 35%.

What are views of my work on YouTube worth?

Your song or piece of music is featured in a YouTube video? Here, you can determine the approximate monetary value of these views over the past year.

My Work has been:
Views mainly:
Revenue – based on the number of views:
approx. 0.00 €

For more fairness and transparency in the streaming market

In the online sector, and especially in streaming, there is a lack of fairness and transparency for creators. The digital market for creative content must be tailor-made to the needs of the creatives and enable them to earn their economic livelihoods. Therefore, we advocate for better participation of music creators in the revenues of major online platforms. So that our members earn what they deserve.

How GEMA distributes your YouTube royalties

Go to the GEMA Online Portal and click on My financial details to access your account statements.

There, you will find your YouTube distribution amounts for the respective financial year. Due to our dual distribution model, we distribute the click-based and usage-based distribution under the category designation GOP/GOP VR (1st semester and 2nd Semester). You can find the supplementary distribution under GOP/GOP VR (YouTube supplement).

In short: Click-based distribution + supplementary distribution = Total YouTube royalties

If you have any further questions, we are happy to help. Just write to

A quick conversation with...

Josef Eschker. He is departmental manager at GEMA of VR/A Service -Distribution mechanical rights, online and international income.

Together with his team, he is available to members and sister organisations for their queries and claims regarding distributions from YouTube, Spotify or Netflix, regarding CD or DVD mechanical repro­duc­tions, and uses of the GEMA repertoire abroad.

Repeatedly, we receive questions related to the GOP distribution by our GEMA members. We would like to take this opportunity to answer them here.

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GEMA Pilot project „YouTube Claiming-Tool“

Your works are used on YouTube to a relevant extent, but you do not receive any distribution from GEMA for them? For these cases - in which YouTube usually does not provide GEMA with usable usage reports - we have launched the GEMA pilot project "YouTube Claiming Tool". With it, we give our members the opportunity to make credible uses of their works on YouTube that are not uploaded to their own channels.

For uses in the previous year, you can receive an early distribution for up to 10 videos with at least 100,000 views per year in each case. To do so, send us the video links via the "YouTube Claiming Tool". Please note: The distributions for this will be made during the course of the year, but will be offsetagainst the GOP supplement for the fiscal year in question.

To  access the YouTube Claiming tool, simply follow this link to the Online Portal  and  go to "Claim". Then click on "No distribution received" and then on "Digital".

Important dates and deadlines

Annual distribution dates: 
In the online categories (mixed online platforms -usage-based distribution) we make distributions twice annually, on 1 April and 1 October. 

NEW from 2024: We will increase the distribution frequency in the  mixed online platforms (GOP, GOP VR - usage-based distribution) divisions from half-yearly to quarterly. In future, royalties will be distributed on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October of each year. 

In addition, a supplementary distribution in the mixed online platforms categories is generally made on 1 December of any given year, along with a supplementary distribution of income generated by the assignment of the synchronisation right for non-commercial user-generated content on 1 February of the year in question. 

Registration periods for new works and changes to existing works: 
​​​​​The established deadline is one month following the end of the month in which the usage took place.

​Claim periods: 
In the GOP and GOP VR categories, the three-month period begins on the respective distribution date for the supplement distribution (currently: 1 February 2024 for uses in 2022).

To learn how this works and what you need to know in order to proceed, see our claims page.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about distributions in the mixed online platforms categories

The supplementary distribution includes royalties for pan-European uses of your works on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Triller for which GEMA has collected licensing income but not received any (usable) usage reports.

Supplement means: you will receive a percentage supplement based on your royalty earnings in other categories. For example, if you received €100 in the online categories, you will receive a supplement of €5.27, as you can see in the table below.

The supplementary distribution is made in accordance with § 182e of the distribution plan as a supplement for the respective annual income of the person entitled to receive the distribution for the financial year 2020. It will be carried out separately according to the following category groups: Performance & communication to the public (BM, DK, DK VR, E, ED, EM, KI, U, UD); radio (R, R VR); television & presentation (FS, FS VR to 1/10, T, TD, TD VR, T FS, T FS VR, VOD, VOD VR); mechanical reproduction & distribution (BT VR, PHONO VR); online (KMOD, KMOD VR, MOD, MOD VR, WEB, WEB VR) and international income (A, A VR).

The rounded, average percentage supplement rates for 2020 income are: 
Category Period Portal
Performance Replay
GOP 2020
TikTok Triller
0,15 %
0,33 %
0,14 %
0,35 %
0,49 %
0,28 %
GOP VR 2020
TikTok Triller
0,09 %
0,21 %
0,09 %
0,19 %
0,31 %
0,18 %
GOP 2020
Facebook Instagram
0,40 %
1,12 %
0,48 %
0,98 %
1,78 %
0,94 %
GOP VR 2020
Facebook Instagram
0,24 %
0,70 %
0,31 %
0,51 %
1,12 %
0,59 %
GOP 2020
1,72 %
3,65 %
1,57 %
4,03 %
5,27 %
3,06 % 
GOP VR 2020
1,03 %
2,29 %
1,02 %
2,12 %
3,34 %
1,91 %
In the GOP and GOP VR categories, a commission of 10% is deducted from the distributable amount. In the GOP category, a further 10% is deducted for social and cultural purposes in accordance with § 30 (1) of the distribution plan.
In the GEMA Online Portal, go to My financial details to access your account statements.There you will find the amount of your YouTube royalties for the respective financial year under the categories GOP/GOP VR (1st semester/2nd Semester) for a click-based distribution and in the categories GOP/GOP VR (supplement YouTube) for the supplementary distribution.

The three-month claim period for pan-European uses on YouTube in 2020 starts with the supplementary distribution as of 1 January 2022. There are two special conditions, which have been determined by the GEMA Supervisory Board:

  1. In order to make use of your works in the categories GOP and GOP VR credible, objective data is required showing for each work the number of retrievals, the usage period and the countries from which the retrievals were made. Apart from that, § 59 of the distribution plan shall apply.

  2. If the rightsholder has already received royalties in the course of the supplementary distribution for mixed online platforms, it will be offset against the distribution claim resulting from a successful claim.

We are happy to help if you have further questions. Simply call +49 (0) 30 21245-600 (Mon-Thu: 9 am to   5 pm, Fri 9 am to 4 pm). Or write an e-mail to

You can submit a claim for an incorrect distribution quickly and easily:

You don’t have access to the Online Portal yet ? Register as a music creator here. You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link to set your password. After that, just fill out the registration form displayed in the Online Portal, and submit it to us. We will inform you after successful activation.  Then you can start the service under GEMA Download and download the detailed breakdowns.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about distributions in the mixed online platforms categories

You can submit a claim for an incorrect distribution quickly and easily:

You don’t have access to the Online Portal yet ? Register as a music creator here. You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link to set your password. After that, just fill out the registration form displayed in the Online Portal, and submit it to us. We will inform you after successful activation.  Then you can start the service under GEMA Download and download the detailed breakdowns.

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