Study | 30 January 2024

AI and music

Generative Artificial Intelligence in the music sector

Generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) is the biggest technological change for the creative industries over the last 30 years. Technologies such as ChatGPT inevitably throw up questions in the context of intellectual property and dealing with copyright. For the first time, a study by the research institute “Goldmedia” on behalf of GEMA and SACEM, throws light onto the impact of generative AI on the music business in Germany and France. On this page, we are providing you with the results of the study.

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International cooperation

Artificial intelligence is a global phenomenon and digital music use and remuneration does not stop at country borders. This is why GEMA (Germany) and SACEM (France) commissioned a joint scientific analysis of the music sector for the first time.

Study findings: Key facts

The most important results and graphics from the AI study at a glance. Click on or swipe through the items to read all the key facts.

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One in three members of GEMA and SACEM already uses AI

About 15,000 members were interviewed by Goldmedia as part of the study. The heavies AI use is found in the genres Electronic, Urban/Rap and Advertising Music.

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Music creators predominantly see AI as a risk

The level of scepticism is particularly high among GEMA and SACEM members when it comes to AI use in the creative process.

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AI is an economic risk for creators

Without the chance to participate in the AI revenues, the study projects that about EUR 950m in copyright royalties will be at risk in Germany and France in 2028.

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Generative AI is already a market worth billions today

The global market for generative AI already has a volume of nearly USD 4bn. 8 percent of that belongs to the music sector.

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The global AI music market will develop rapidly

The market for Ai-supported applications in music is expected to be subject to a tenfold increase over the next five years.  

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Overwhelming majority expects clear regulations for gen AI

Transparency for training data, no AI training without consent by the creators, participation in the remuneration yielded: These are the demands that receive high approval ratings among the creators.
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