Dr. Harald Heker, CEO of GEMA, on the positive vote regarding the EU Copyright Directive

"European Parliament has declared itself in favour of strengthening the culture and creative industries. The parliamentarians thus have laid the foundation for a contemporary copyright. The decision emits a very important signal, namely that Europe is in a position to create fair rules for the digital world. The new Directive strengthens and protects creators in many areas. In this context, the overall objective of Article 17 (former Article 13) is that content protected by copyright can be made available on online platforms. In return, creators are to receive a fair remuneration for the exploitation of their works.

We thank all European Parliamentarians who have stood up for the Directive over the last years. The next step is that it has to be implemented by national legislators: We do sincerely hope that this is going to take place in a constructive setting. Critical voices must not be tuned out. In turn, positive elements and improvements of the Directive must be communicated more clearly as it has been the case so far. We would like to accompany this important dialogue constructively and objectively."