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Corona-Pandemic: Help for members and clients of GEMA

GEMA provides up to 40 million Euros in emergency aid for members +++ Goodwill arrangements apply to GEMA customers +++ Distribution dates in April and June secured +++ General Meeting postponed to September

On Tuesday, 19th March, the GEMA Managing Committee and Supervisory Board decided on an emergency aid programme of up to 40 million Euros for GEMA members. Flexible goodwill ar-rangements will apply for customers in the event of losses due to the corona pandemic. The Annual General Meeting planned for 12 to 14 May has been postponed to 29 September to 1 October 2020. The Fred Jay Award will thus also be awarded on 29 September 2020.

"It is already foreseeable that the economic consequences of the corona pandemic will be devastating for the entire creative industry," says Dr. Harald Heker, GEMA CEO. "GEMA will use all its available resources to provide the best possible support for its members whose existence is threatened and to cushion the economically catastrophic consequences for our customers."

GEMA's emergency aid programme for music authors amounting to 40 million Euros

"From the very beginning, our association GEMA was driven by the idea of solidarity and mutual protection and assistance," says Dr. Ralf Weigand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "And when, if not now in this unprecedented crisis, will these great principles be in demand and demand immediate action! For us on the Supervisory Board, it was clear from the start that we need to provide financial support for our colleagues who are threatened due to the protective measures taken in the wake of the corona pandemic. Together with the Managing Committee, we have adopted an emergency aid programme, with which we will now provide financial assistance quickly and unbureaucratically. This shows once again the significant advantages that our system of joint rights management has for each individual creative, even in difficult times. This is a place of solidarity and great help and support to guide our members through these difficult times."

In a two-stage programme, GEMA will provide financial assistance totalling around 40 million Euros. The "Schutzschirm LIVE” [protective shield] is primarily aimed at composers and lyricists who are also performers and who get into financial difficulties due to cancellations of events throughout the country. The "Corona Relief Fund" provides financial transitional aid for individual cases of hardship within the framework of social and cultural support. GEMA will publish detailed information on the emergency aid programme (rights holders, application, payment, etc.) on www.gema.de in the course of the coming week.

Favourable terms for organisers

The drastic restrictions to protect against the corona pandemic - as necessary and useful as they are for society - have a devastating effect on the music and culture industry. As far as possible within the scope of its fiduciary mandate, GEMA will support its clients in the licensing of music events in a pragmatic and flexible manner. This is intended to help cushion the effects of the corona crisis, which in many cases threaten the existence of many companies.

GEMA is available as a partner for the initiation and implementation of aid programmes by politicians

In addition, GEMA welcomes the swift commitments of the federal and state governments to provide extensive assistance to the severely affected cultural and creative industries. Immediate measures for basic security help each individual directly. "We would like to thank all politicians who, parallel to the dramatic cuts in all areas, are already working to help all creative people," said Dr. Heker. "This is a Herculean task unlike anything we have ever faced before. As GEMA we are aware of our special responsibility. It is crucial that the funds made available go where they are most urgently needed. As an experienced partner, we provide the political community with professional competence and a resilient infrastructure and stand side by side with them.”

GEMA ensures distribution dates 1 April and 1 June

The forthcoming distributions on April 1 and June 1 have been secured. GEMA had already formed an internal committee several weeks ago in order to maintain the core business also from the home office and to ensure the upcoming distribution dates for the members. The Supervisory Board has also decided that the main allocation for the 2019 financial year in the categories U/UD, E/ED, M and BM will take place in two parts on 1 June and 1 November 2020. Exceptionally, events that took place in the previous year but were not licensed until 2020, are also taken into account. The complaint period for these divisions will subsequently begin on 1 November 2020. Only then should claims/complaints relating to the distribution for the 2019 financial year be submitted. These measures should also help to cushion the economic impact of the corona pandemic for the affected members.

To protect the health of all employees, home office regulations have largely been in force since 16 March. Inquiries from members and customers should therefore be addressed to GEMA directly via the online portal or by e-mail until further notice.

Online portal for members and customers: https://www.gema.de/portal/
E-Mail for members: mitgliederservice@gema.de
E-Mail for customers: kontakt@gema.de

General Assembly 2020 will take place from 29 September to 1 October 2020 in Munich

The Annual General Meeting planned for 12 to 14 May has been postponed to 29 September to 1 October 2020. Due to the limited availability of venues, this will exceptionally take place in Munich at the Hotel Hilton am Tucherpark. The presentation of the Fred Jay Award at the Members' Festival, scheduled for 12 May 2020, is postponed to 29 September 2020.

GEMA represents the copyright of more than 78,000 members (composers, lyricists and music publishers) in Germany, and more than two million copyright owners globally. It is one of the largest societies for authors of musical works in the world.

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