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Las Vegas Glamour and “neue deutsche Wucht” [new German sensation]

In the course of GEMA's membership programme, three bands, namely Hope, Blond, Poem for Jamiro, and solo  artist Laura Carbone managed to secure a performance during the GEMA Showcase at the Reeperbahn Festival. The Hamburg-based festival takes place between 19 and 22 September this year.

90 performance sites, 600 concerts and around 40,000 visitors - the Reeperbahn Festival, held between 19 and 22 September in Hamburg is one of the most important meeting places for the music industry. For the third year in a row, GEMA provides four young artists the chance to present themselves at the Festival. From the many applications as part of the membership programme, the organisers have voted for the bands Hope, Blond and Poem for Jamiro as well as solo artist Laura Carbone. The first to play on 19/09/2018 at 8pm at the GEMA stage in the Sommersalon is the band Hope


Visitors can look forward to performing artists Christine, Phillip, Fabian and Martin on Wednesday evening. These four jointly studied Jazz at the University for Music in Würzburg  and founded their band Hope in 2009. Gloomy guitar riffs, hard rhythms and the clear vocals of lead singer Christine make up the unique sound of the band. The music acts like a continuation of DAF, Kraftwerk or Rammstein and has also been called “neue deutsche Wucht” [a reference to the Neue Deutsche Welle / German New Wave].

Laura Carbone
The following performer on the GEMA stage is not afraid to strike a melancholic or dramatic note. Laura Carbone named her new album “Empty Sea” after the fairy tale “Die wahre Braut” [the real bride] by the Brothers Grimm, in which a kidnapped princess has to empty a lake with a spoon riddled with holes. Her music pieces, a mix of melancholic sounds, pop and indie elements, remind of the sound of PJ Harvey, Courtney Love but also My Bloody Valentine.

Completely different, but no less original is the sound of the third band. The two sisters Lotta and Nina Kummer founded the band Blond together with their childhood friend Johann Bonitz. The three refer to their music as Las Vegas Glamour and do not shy away from combining different styles such as indie sounds and hip-hop rhymes. Colourful, loud, danceable and not fitting into any specific category, that's likely to be the best way to describe the music of the three band members from Chemnitz. The fact that the two singers are the sister of the brothers Krummer of the band Kraftclub is only a side issue for success.

Poems for Jamiro
It is also rather hard to find a fitting pigeonhole for the duo Poems for Jamiro. Nina and Laila combine Nordic calm with big melodies. The delicate sound based on two voices and the melancholic playfulness, combined with an unrestrained appetite for experimenting with sounds results in the characteristic sound of the duo. Their understanding for major as well as fragile moments has already brought them a performance at the Elbphilharmonie [Elbe Philharmonic Hall] and made them well-known across Europe.

The variety of the winners of the four GEMA Showcases reflects the appetite for experiment and courage to follow new musical avenues of all of them.