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Advertising monitoring: Next steps towards digitisation launched

GEMA and public service TV stations now rely more heavily on audio fingerprint monitoring.

Analyses of music use in TV advertising (commercials) are increasingly carried out by means of audio fingerprint monitoring in the music industry. As such, GEMA and public service TV stations now also rely on this rather mature technology. We thus automate the creation of the usage reports for music users and simplify the pay-outs of royalties to our members.

Monitoring of TV advertising with Soundmouse

From November 2018 onwards, GEMA is going to have music in TV commercials identified via the services of the monitoring specialists, Soundmouse Ltd.  An important gap will thus be closed: From the composition to the broadcast of a commercial, many uncountable steps take place. A commercial passes through many stages and parties - and therefore its original title often gets changed during that journey. The consequence: The commercial or the music used in it can no longer be clearly allocated to its creator or to the GEMA work database.

Soundmouse Ltd. solves this problem by way of audio fingerprinting. Such audio fingerprints which are generated from the sound file of the music used in the commercials can be automatically and clearly allocated to its creators.

Soundfile upload at GEMA

Use the free upload service for sound files from 3 September 2018 onwards, accessible at www.gema.de/soundfile! That way, an identification can be carried out via the audio fingerprint process. If your music has been used in a commercial in 2018, or if you have composed TV in-house or commissioned music for ARD, ZDF, RTL or any other broadcasters/stations over the last 50 years, you can submit the respective sound files to us via the new GEMA Soundfile Upload Portal for audio fingerprint monitoring.

Find out more on the upload of the sound files via our infographic.

Monitoring at ARD and ZDF

From 2019, public service radio and TV stations of ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio and Deutsche Welle are also going to introduce a joint system for automatic music recognition and usage reporting to GEMA and GVL. ARD and ZDF have authorised BMAT from Barcelona with the execution of their monitoring. This step was taken upon close consultation with GEMA and GVL.

In this context, ARD and ZDF ask all creators who have composed music for TV in-house and commissioned productions of ARD and ZDF in the past years, to submit their sound files in the new GEMA Soundfile Upload Portal for the future audio fingerprint monitoring.

Workshops for members of GEMA, the DMV and the CC Club

Music authors and publishers interested in this audio fingerprint monitoring process and sound file upload may obtain further information via various workshops which will be offered this autumn. Here’s an overview of all dates.

If you have any queries, please send an e-mail to werbung@gema.de or call +49 30 21245-555.