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Dagmar Sikorski steps down from GEMA Supervisory Board

Dagmar Sikorski has resigned from her position in the GEMA Supervisory Board with immediate effect. The music

publishers in the GEMA Supervisory Board are going to decide about her succession at short notice.

After the merger between the music publishing group Sikorski and Boosey & Hawkes (part of the Concord Music Group), Dagmar Sikorski is retreating from her active role as a music publisher. By statute, she is also resigning from her position as a member of the GEMA Supervisory Board of which she had recently been deputy Chairperson.

Long-term honorary commitment

Dagmar Sikorski had been elected into the GEMA Supervisory Board as a member of the professional group of the music publishers in 2003. Since 2018, she held the position of deputy Chairperson for this professional group. During her 16-year-long honorary activities in the GEMA Supervisory Board, she also got involved in its various committees, such as the Finance Committee and the Programme Committee for Serious Music. She held the position of Chairperson in both Supervisory Board Committees.

Dr. Ralf Weigand, GEMA Chairperson praises her involvement: “Dagmar Sikorski has been a strong, unmissable voice in the music and culture sector who has not been afraid to take up and address important authors’ topics in public. With her decades of experience, her extensive network and her enormous personal involvement - especially in the classical and serious music sectors - she has stood up vehemently for the protection and the strengthening of rights of music creators way beyond the Supervisory Board. I would therefore also like to thank her from the bottom of my heart in the name of the Supervisory Board and our members, not only for her many years of trustful collaboration, but also for her extraordinary passion with which she held her position. For her future, we wish Dagmar all the best and are going to miss her uncomplicated, direct but always accessible manner in our circle very much.”

Dr. Harald Heker, GEMA CEO, thanks Dagmar Sikorski:  “As an enormously experienced and internationally connected music publisher, Dagmar Sikorski stood up for the GEMA community of solidarity. With respect to her committee work and as a music publisher she always contributed to change with professional knowledge, passion and creativity and regarded the challenges of the market as opportunities. In the name of all of the music authors and publishers within GEMA I would therefore like to thank her very much for her long-term honorary involvement.”