Great that you are using music

Various ways to use music

Using music in public

We distinguish between two areas.

  • Events These can be concerts, parties, celebrations, disco, carnival, parades, fairs, sport events, comedy & spoken word cabarets, markets and many more.
  • Permanent music use Such as background music in restaurants, hotels, in commercial establishments or other public venues.

Using music on the internet

You can use music on the internet in many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Web radio
  • Podcasts
  • Websites, Apps, emails, etc.
  • Member website

This is what happens with your money

Pay-outs in Germany

The majority of our pay-outs is sent to our members: Music creators and music publishers in Germany.

Pay-outs to other countries

We also pass on the collections due to them to the creators abroad. After all, music from international creators is also played in Germany.

Pay-outs to social purposes

We support social and cultural matters. We therefore make 10% of the distributable amount of the performing and broadcasting rights available for such purposes.

Music on sound recordings

Would you like to fix music on sound recordings, i.e. in physical form? Here are some examples:

  • Audio, audio books & more
  • Film video
  • Multimedia data carriers

Who created the work? Who wrote the music, the lyrics or published it?

If you want to find out who the composer, lyricist or publisher of a musical work is, our Repertoire search will help you find them. This online service enables you to identify works. Once you have found the details, you can contact the participating publisher provided they are a GEMA member.  

Please note: The displayed data only show an excerpt of our database and therefore do not provide any information regarding the protection of the displayed work or the status of the participating rightsholders.  GEMA does not provide any guaranteey for the correctness of the data provided and accepts no liability for damage incurred by the user either directly or indirectly resulting from the information obtained by using the online service. 
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Use the benefits of your online account

Manage your matters online. This is both simple and quick and you keep an overview of everything.

  • Manage contracts
  • Manage invoices
  • Amend your own details
  • Submit setlists

All benefits and details

GEMA tariffs – an overview

Do you use music in public, on the internet or by means of sound recordings? Then we are the right contact for you. If you have already registered your music with us and paid for it, you have the right to use this music based on the GEMA licence. From the type of use we can deduce the tariff that applies to you.