Register your works, sub-publishing agreements and audio-visual productions

No registration - no pay-out

In order to register your repertoire, you must become a member of GEMA first. Find out here how to become a member.


It is important that each member registers their works with GEMA. The relevant details are then incorporated into our works database and enable us to correctly process licences for work exploitations and the pay-out of royalties.

Registration of works

We are happy to support you when you register your works, sub-publishing agreements and audio-visual productions. Depending on the volume of the works registered, we provide technical registration procedures, online applications and forms.

If you are receiving work confirmations and agreement declarations by post and would prefer to receive them by e-mail, please let us know.

Technical registration procedures for works

We process work registrations via the CWR format (CWR = common works registration). CWR is a registration format for original and sub-publishers with rather large registration volumes, developed by CISAC. For medium-sized registration volumes, we provide a web-based registration process via xml. If one of these formats is suitable for you, please send us an e-mail.

Registration of musical works for film and TV

(Audio-visual productions)

Would you like to register music for film and TV productions, such as cinema movies, TV shows or commercial films? Please use the form “Notification of audiovisual productions”.


Would you like to inform us that you are managing the synchronization rights for your music in a film production, such as a cinema movie, a commercial film, a co-production or a DVD yourself, or wish to ask GEMA to do manage it, please use the form “Reversal/assignment of rights - first information”.


Slightly different prerequisites apply for the registration of musical works in commercials - in the sense of product advertising. Please use the form “Notification of audiovisual commercials”.


Notification of audio-visual productions (av-productions)
Next page for the application of further work titles
Notification for audiovisual spots incl. Commercial seperators/lead-in spots and trailer

Further forms and informations

Notes for completing the form „Notification of Audiovisual Productions (AV Productions)“