There is so much love in German songs:
18.897 Songs have LIEBE (LOVE) in their title
8.519 have HERZ (HEART) in their title
1.003 have KUSS/KÜSSE (KISS/KISSES) in their title

*Based on the GEMA database with around 17 mio. works of national and international authors

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81% of EU citizens call upon EU politicians: Save our European culture, strengthen copyright and safeguard fair pay!

On 12 September, the European Parliament is going to vote on the harmonisation of copyright. GEMA CEO Dr Harald Heker invites politicians to take their mandate seriously and to safeguard a cultural diversity in the digital age.

87 percent of Europeans in the survey declared themselves for a legislation for the protection of copyright - this is the result of an online poll in eight European countries. An overwhelming majority (86 percent) in Germany, too, demands legal framework conditions to strengthen the rights of creators in the digital age and to safeguard a fair remuneration payment for the use of their works.


Based on the survey carried out by the polling institute Harris Interactive, 61 percent of Europeans are worried that internet platforms endanger the democracy in Europe. 67 percent feel that platforms have more power than the European Union. Against the background of the pending decision in the European Parliament for the copyright reform on 12 September, statistics are of particular significance: “The current results are alarming. A vast majority of citizens in Europe demand the protection and the strengthening of copyright. This is a wake-up call for the EU Parliament”, comments Dr Harald Heker, GEMA CEO. “In the name of GEMA’s 72,000 members, I hereby urge the parliamentarians to vote in the interest of the European community of values and culture and to create sustainable framework conditions for the European creative sector. With this vote, you hold a piece of Europe's cultural future in your hands.”


6,600 citizens above the age of 18 were interviewed by the polling institute Harris Interactive in Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Greece and France in the period between 24 and 30 August 2018 how they judge the influence of technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple and whether they consider the remuneration paid to authors in this context to be fair. 60 percent of EU parliamentarians were elected by the population in the countries subject to the poll. They thus make up a strong voice in the debate regarding the harmonisation of copyright. In the interest of their citizens, the parliamentarians shall lay the foundation for creators having a chance in future to make a living off their work.



You can access additional results of the poll on For additional information see also or follow the conversation on Twitter @EUForCreators with #EuropeForCreators.

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