Solidarity with Ukraine: How we can help

The war in Ukraine is causing great suffering and pain. Many innocent people are victims of violence or have to flee their homes. Many creative professionals are also affected by this - people to whom we as GEMA feel that we have a special bond.

CISAC, the international umbrella organisation of collective management organisations, has initiated relief measures for the people on the ground. As a member of this community of solidarity, we will participate in these actions. But we also want to use our platforms to draw attention to the measures and give you the opportunity to join in with the targeted measures.

Here is some up-to-date information on this, as well as tips on how you can help yourself now.

Sign now: Creatives worldwide declare their solidarity

CISAC has drafted a statement for creatives from all countries of the world to express their solidarity with Ukraine. The solidarity statement reads:

“Many of these innocent victims are creators like us, people who inspire with their work and who make up the rich culture of Ukraine. We call on Russia to cease its killing of innocent civilians.“

We consider this initiative to be an important signal and invite all our members and partners of GEMA to join this call to action and sign the declaration.

Sign the statement online