GEMA News / 28 February 2024

New member login for services outside the Online Portal

Members can login to the GEMA online services which are not yet integrated into the Online Portal, via a new login mask. As part of this implementation, a two-factor authentication will also become mandatory.

Our members provide us with sensitive data: Personal information, work catalogues and royalty revenue. In order to provide the best possible protection of this information, regularly recurring technical updates are necessary.

In the course of such an update, GEMA has now switched the login for online services outside the Online Portal (so-called “legacy services”). For authentication purposes in order to access these services, a second factor is now required in addition to your password.

The following legacy services are affected:

This is how the new login works

  1. You can access the services via the usual access URLs (e.g. by using the above-mentioned links)
  2. Once you have clicked on “login” or “start online services”, you will be redirected to the new login mask.
  3. Please enter your usual access data (email address and password)
  4. After that, the system will ask for a second factor. Select an option e.g. send code by email.  Creators can also use the option to authenticate themselves via an app.
  5. After you have logged in successfully, you can use the service in the usual manner.
  6. Don’t forget: Please logout directly from the service once you are finished with your searches! (Button “Logout”) This is to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands .

Details on the two-factor authentication can be accessed on our information page: