In the scope of the transition to the derived shares and in cooperation with the working group „Proposal 19“, additional dates have been agreed upon. Following is an overview of the dates with their main topics. This table will be updated regularly with further dates.

Migration of the share pictures postponed to 1 June 2022

In the meeting of the GEMA Supervisory Board on 8 December 2021, Supervisory Board and Managing Committee of GEMA decided to postpone the migration of the share pictures to the new derivation logic to 1 June 2022. This is intended to ensure that there is enough time for an adequate preparation for the transfer of the entire work inventory to the new derivation logic.

Comprehensive checks and a good understanding of the deviations that have taken place is required, in particular for the analysis of the deviation reports. In addition, the work category “asymmetric works” requires special attention so that the royalties will be paid out correctly to the participants. Checking asymmetric creator-publisher relationships and correcting them in the documentation need an intensive exchange of information between the publishers participating in the work.  The tight schedule in the case of a migration on 1 April 2022 would not be enough to work on this special subject and applying the necessary quality.  Any arising quality deficiencies could lead to certain consequences in the course of the distribution. That is why the migration has been postponed to 1 June 2022.

Sitzung Arbeitsgruppe Antrag 19
Mailingversand an die Verlage bezüglich der Terminerinnerung
Sitzung Arbeitsgruppe Antrag 19
Ende des File-Uploads über das Elektronische Bestätigungsverfahren (EBV) –
Beginn der Downtime bis Anfang April
Ende der Einreichung von Rückfragen zu den Deviation Reports
Deaktivierung des Rückfrageformulars Deviation Reports und
Online-Datenbank mit neuem Anteilsbildern
05. - 20.03.
Stopp des Imports von Werkanmeldungen
Ende der Einreichung von Korrekturen zu umsatzstarken asymmetrischen Werken
Mailingversand an die Verlage – Information über die finale Migration
Sitzung Arbeitsgruppe Antrag 19
Wiederinbetriebnahme des EBV
(Wiederinbetriebnahme des File-Uploads über das
Elektronische Bestätigungsverfahren)
Sitzung Arbeitsgruppe Antrag 19
Erste Ausschüttung mit neuer Ableitungslogik

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