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Live and reproduction

Can you imagine a life without live music? Without clubs or discotheques, concerts or festivals? Even setting aside events of this kind: we’re surrounded by music almost everywhere – at the hairdresser, in the supermarket, even in lifts. Our members provide the sounds and melodies that populate the world, creating the soundtracks to our lives. And we’re here to make sure they receive a fair remuneration. To find out how we distribute licensing income in this area, read on.

This is how distribution works in

Information on distribution (financial year 2023)

Further information

Please note that the work performances in the live categories can only be taken into consideration if the following conditions are met:

  • GEMA must have received a timely notification of the event where the work has been performed.
  • The event organiser must have settled the amount invoiced by GEMA in due time.
  • The event organiser must have submitted the setlist/playlist to GEMA within the deadline. It is best to use the Online Service, My setlists.
  • The details in the setlist/playlist must be complete.
  • Your work must have been registered with GEMA in time. It is best you use the Online Service at work registration.
Applications for hardship rules for mechanical playbacks should be directed to the responsible department Distribution Perfoming Rights ( Please take into account the regulations according to § 130 of GEMA's distribution plan.
In the following compilation you will find an overview of the point and second values of the previous years of use.

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