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Our distributions as of 01.03.2024


Supplementary distribution from awarding of synchronization rights (UGC) 

As of 1 March 2024 we distribute collections from assignment of synchronization right for non-commercial User Generated Content (UGC) from YouTube and Facebook/Instagram. This means the right to combine image and sound. For the management of synchronization rights of such uses, the Deed of Assignment has been expanded. Prerequisite for receiving royalties is, that you have not objected to the amendment of the deed of assignment 2020.

The distribution shall be carried out to rights holders as a supplement to the respective annual income for financial year 2022
in distribution-category GOP VR. More information you can find here.

Comprehensive information on the categories for mixed online platforms is located on our page on the GOP distribution.


Our distributions as of 01.02.2024


Supplementary distribution in the categories mixed online platforms 

As of 1 February 2024, you will receive a pay-out for uses of your works on mixed online platforms for which it was not possible to carry out a work-based and click-based distribution. The distribution will be made as a supplement. 

The basis for this is your overall income in nearly all of the categories. This pay-out will cover usages on YouTube, Facebook and on Instagram from 2022. For YouTube, we had already paid a part of the collections on the basis of the processable usage reports as of 01.04. & 01.10.2023. You can find out more on this in the additional information on the distribution.

Comprehensive information on the categories for mixed online platforms is located on our page on the GOP distribution.

Information about our last payouts

FAQs - frequently asked questions

It is possible that the account statements are still on their way. They are only available to you a few days after the pay-out at the beginning of the new month.

The process is as follows:

  1. Detailed breakdowns/statements are available in the GEMA Download.
  2. Money flows.
  3. The account statement will be issued and transferred (by post or the Online Portal)

Are you registered for the Online Portal? Then you can access your account statements there:

  1. Simply go to My financial details in the Online Portal .
  2. You can access this in the area My account statements.

Our service department VR/A Service will gladly help you with queries on pay-outs for sound recordings (PHONO VR & BT VR), mixed online platforms (GOP & GOP VR) or uses of your works abroad (A & A VR).

Their contact details are as follows:
+49 (0) 30 21245 600 (Mon-Thu: 9am to 5pm, Fri 9am to 4pm) or E-mail:

You can submit a claim for an incorrect pay-out, quickly and easily:

  • Log in to the Online Portal  and use the service Claims.

Pursuant to § 59 of the GEMA distribution plan, claims must contain specific details which permit a verification. You ensure that this is the case by providing the requested details in the Online Portal under Claims.

It’s quite simple to register. You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link to set your own password. After that, you complete the activation application which is shown in the Online Portal, and send it through to us. Once your account has been successfully activated, we will inform you. You can then start the service under GEMA Download and download the detailed breakdowns.

Further information on how this can be accessed under Claims.

A total overview of your turnover can be accessed in the Online Portal and the Service My royalties. There, you can also find out where the royalties come from (live, radio, TV/film, digital or from abroad/international income) and the revenue generated by your ten most successful works.

You can access detailed statements in the free online service GEMA Download.

If you cannot access the service yet, apply for an activation in the GEMA Onlineportal.

Get help – quickly!

If you need us, our help centre offers answers to your questions – it is quick and easy to use and accessible to you 24/7 – and there are no waiting times.

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